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The big Google update March 2019


Google has struck again - the new update went to the start.

The changes of the Core Update seem to be more extensive than those of the Medic Update. As of 03/11/2019, the impact is visible globally and across domains.

What has changed?

Basically, it seems that the trust of a domain has been re-evaluated and assessed. There are winners and losers here. It is a continuation of Google's strategy. Here, the "mobile-first approach" and the user experience are in the foreground.

What does it mean?

It is obvious that mobile is playing an increasingly important role. Especially in the medical sector, more and more value is being placed on the user experience, which should also be well aligned on small screens.

This makes SEO work more and more demanding.

In addition, more and more search queries are answered directly via SERPs, since the search engines can deliver more and more information directly thanks to feature snippets, etc.. This results in more and more search queries that are answered without the click behavior of the searcher. This means that visitors no longer have direct contact with the respective provider.


Updates are always coming and regularly - again, as always, there is a light side and a dark side. We will do more and more with quality content for our websites. In addition, it is becoming increasingly important to build a "reputation" on the Internet.

In short, it is becoming more and more costly to achieve a good ranking. But it's also good that some "miracle cures" have their lives made more and more difficult as a result. Our job is to create good and meaningful websites and to enter into high-quality partnerships - actually, exactly what is also important in real life. Even the big Google update in March 2019 doesn't change the fact that your websites must offer good, unique content.