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Google update in June


The "June 2019 Core Update" is the first time in history that Google has announced a Core Update in advance.

Even more videoCarousels

In some updates, Google does not change any ranking algorithm. Rather, the layout of the search results pages is adjusted.

One such update occurred in June 2018, when Google began displaying video carousels for a large percentage of desktop searches. This increased YouTube's visibility by more than 70% in two weeks.

Even after the June 2019 Core Update, the percentage of keywords where a video carousel appears has increased significantly - post-update data shows a huge increase in the prevalence of video carousels - this SERP integration is found on 53.6% of all keywords.

In addition, it should be noted that only 1 or 2 results of a website will be displayed in the search results - this should lead to more diversity of search results.

In addition, weak news sites have been targeted.

Another factor, which is becoming increasingly important, is the quality of the content that is communicated on the pages.