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Impact of the June 2019 Site Diversity Update


Google wants to ensure more diversity in search results with the Site Diversity Update.

According to Google, since the update in June maximum 2 ranking positions per domain displayed in the search results. This has an impact on the visibility of most pages. The goal is to bring more diversity into the search results. It should happen less often that one domain represents the majority of a search result.


Is this really the case?

We have tested the consequences - and it seems that the display of more than 2 URLs per search result has practically disappeared. Now that more and more different domains are displayed, there are also more domains in the top 10 search results.

However, it is also noticeable that there is a greater differentiation according to the user's search intention. We also noticed that an exception is made for "navigational keywords". Navigation keywords are keywords where the user already knows which page he wants to visit but enters the term in the Google search slot instead of entering the entire address in the browser.

What does this mean in practice?

Basically, this means that the selection of different domains has become larger for the user to obtain information. From the website operator's point of view, however, this can also result in a drop in the number of visitors, as some of the traffic is also directed to other pages. However, if, for example, the proper name (e.g. doctor's name, clinic name, etc.) is searched for (=navigational keyword), not much changes - rather, it becomes more difficult for other surfaces to "score" with the name in the search result.

High-quality content can score points in informational search queries

If a search query is clearly informal in nature, high-quality content can score accordingly. However, these must be really high-quality and technically well optimized.

What about YouTube content?

According to Google, the update only affects organic rankings. SERP features such as Google Maps, images or video carousels are not affected. However, we observed that some domains lost their organic ranking - but the video rankings remained. Through this, the loss of traffic can be corrected accordingly by a clever video strategy.


Due to the update, there have been many changes again. Small stores or niche sites now have a chance to get good rankings against "giants" again. In addition, SERP features and featured snippets are becoming more and more important - as are image and video rankings.

One consequence may also be that large companies or providers (have to) rely more on paid search results, which may result in an increase in click prices for Google Ads. Therefore, you should currently keep an eye on your Google Ads campaigns.

In addition, in the online shopping sector, Google's market position is strengthened by Google Shopping.