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10 SEO tips for a good ranking


Key words or keywords

Basically, targeting a specific keyword (=keyword) does not work as it used to. However, it is still important, because they provide the basis for a good text, graphics, videos, etc.. If you create a new topic / blog / post, so you should consider which main keywords the respective searchers use. As well as the respective combinations to this.

Once these are set, you can start preparing your text or information.

Write for people - not for search engines!

Write for people - not for search engines

Many people talk about optimizing websites for Google. However Your target group not Google, but the customer.

Google and other search engines have improved the evaluation of found information more and more in recent years. It is becoming more and more human. One example of this is Google's BERT update, which is used to better understand long-tail search queries and provide the user with more relevant information. This makes it possible to better match the semantic context of a search query with the content of your website with the help of Natural Language Processing.

Think about what information you want to provide to your customer. Illuminate as many points of view as possible and make it clear why your customer should choose you.

Create meaningful and helpful meta descriptions & page titles

The meta descriptions and the page titles are displayed in the search engines. They provide a brief overview of the information that can be found on the respective target page. If the title and the short description promise the reader that he will find the information he is looking for on the target page, he will click on the search result.

However, the respective number of characters is limited - a title should usually not exceed 55-60 characters - the description 160 characters. Use this to convince your future customer that he is right on your page.

Create fast pages!

Page Speed

The loading time is a very important criterion for the user, whether he reads the information. If it is too long, the loading process alone will be aborted. Even if the page is loaded, the reader has a negative experience, which you must first eliminate again. Many users associate a long loading time with a dubious offer.

As more and more mobile users use the Internet, this factor is also becoming increasingly important. The loading speed of a page is crucial, both for the user and for Google. According to eConsultancy, 40 % of users leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Please note here that not every internet user also has fast internet available.

Since April 2010, website loading speed has been a ranking factor in the Google universe.

Here are some helps on how to improve your loading time:
  • do not load unnecessary code or CSS
  • Reduce the image size to a reasonable size or to a size which makes sense
  • Use compressions or http/2
  • Use modern compressions for your images
  • Keep the number of requirements and files low
  • Refrain from using third-party code if possible
Test your website. You can do this, for example Google PageSpeed Insights use

Link to pages with relevant content

Most people think it's bad if you link to other pages. This is not always the case. Basically, you should have your user in mind. It can make sense to link to external or internal pages if the user gets added value from it.

In our eyes, it is as follows:

Who do you trust more in real life?

  • Someone to give you partial information - but no more
  • Someone to give you a piece of information and a tip that you can get information elsewhere as well?

Let's take an example:

Our glass door in the office could no longer be fixed because the screws of the bracket were defective. We needed 6 new screws. We went to the 1st dealer who wanted to order us a 100 pack as they did not have them in stock. However, since it was our front door, this was not a reasonable solution.

So we went to the 2nd dealer, who also told us that he could order them - however, he also gave us an address of a nearby dealer who also sells the screws individually and actually has them in stock.

Who are we more likely to go to in the future?

Get other trusted sites to link to it

Links to a page are for search engines like signposts on the road or recommendations, which are made. The more recommendations are made, the more interesting the target is - however, the recommendations must also be made by trusted people. Unfortunately, there are still wild spam pages on the Internet - you should avoid them.

Use well readable and meaningful URLs

Simple URLs are easier to read and can be remembered more quickly. In addition, you can draw conclusions about the content. Therefore, you should build a simple and key URL structure. Ideally, the URL also contains the main keyword for which you are writing your text.

Set social signals!

Set social signals!

Search engines also read social media. This allows them to draw conclusions about trustworthiness, activity, etc. Therefore, you should consider becoming active in the social media area. Marketing measures are also possible here to generate visitors for your website.

However, you should keep the following points in mind for your social media activities:

  • Communicate only useful and shareable content
  • Ask people to help you and share your content
  • Put buttons to share (but consider legalities)
  • Mention or link to high-reach influencers or power users
  • etc.

Use correct names and descriptions for images


Images are also enormously important for a website. Google even dedicates a separate search area to them. Therefore, you should also give your images meaningful file names and descriptions so that an engine can also understand what is on the image.

Search engines are getting better and better at understanding image content - but they are not angry if you help them to understand the content or information more easily.

Create unique content

Nothing is worse than the umpteenth repetition on TV.

It's the same on the Internet. Why should a search engine put you at the front of the search results if x providers have already communicated the information before you and write the same?

You should repeat this point from time to time, because your competitors are not asleep either. They also optimize and improve their content. As a result, it can easily happen that you slip from a good position in the search results to the back. Therefore, check your competitors as well.

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