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Failure by Corona - use the time!


Corona affects a lot of people. All of a sudden, you have a lot of time. On the one hand, this is new - but on the other hand, it can be an opportunity. We want to show you what you can do for your future during this time.

Use the time or the downtime! Where there is shadow, there is also light somewhere! You can lay the foundations today so that you can get back on track as soon as possible! 

Failure by Corona - use the time!

Consider what is important

System maintenance

If you have time, then you can think in peace. Sure - the current situation scares many people. What does my future look like financially? Will I see person A or B again? Will I be able to go on vacation again?

Many questions and fears - but you can also see the complete situation as an opportunity. You now have the opportunity to think about the points that are important to you. There are very many people who unfortunately cannot decide so freely - the decision was taken from them. Illnesses or other fates have changed their lives. But you have the possibility and the unique chance to think about your life and then to focus on the points which are important to you!

You can consider for yourself what is important to you! Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Review your portfolio

good-seo texts

If you have a lot of time, then it is also possible to check once whether my offer fits at all. It is often the case in everyday life that you do not have the time. Especially in smaller companies it is often the case that in the stress of everyday life one overlooks some points due to certain routines.

Now, completely without time pressure, you can check once how profitable or important the product / service A or B is. You can check how the time/effort factor behaves with the individual offers. Maybe you have products, which bring you more time than benefit.

Review your processes & communication

Processes communication

Home office, etc. bring big change - but maybe it's also an option to introduce it for good. Do data entry, product descriptions, reports, etc. always need to be written in the office or store? Are there perhaps tools that can support your team?

The well-trodden path is not always the best one - in fact, new environments can also generate new ideas. Likewise, opportunities can also be found via the changed communication channels.

Ask yourself whether, for example, talking to customers via video conference or Skype is not an option that should be permanently integrated into the practice? Isn't WhatsApp or another messanger an option that you should offer your customers? Or an online chat in your online store? Shouldn't I offer an online appointment arrangement to the customer, so that appointments are made even in times when your practice / store is not open?

Is Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest an option for me to continue communicating with my customers?

For example, some soccer clubs show legendary matches for their fans - as a landscaping company, why not use Instagram or Facebook to communicate landscaping ideas from past projects? Or as a medical practice, pictures from previous workshops, etc.?

Develop your content further

Now is the time - for example, they can look at competitors' websites and consider the following points:

  • What does my competitor do better?
  • What can I do to provide more and better information to my customers?
  • Is my provided information better than what my competitor is providing to the user?
  • What would I like better about my website or how can I make it more customer friendly?

Use the time and revise the content of your online offer! Help your customers by providing valuable tips if necessary.

Why shouldn't a hairdresser communicate what a person should do if the hair is too long or doesn't move in the desired direction. Or a veterinarian first aid tips for the pet, etc.?

Develop new skills

Develop new skills

You always wanted to start learning something? Use the time and develop new skills or refresh your knowledge!

How often does it happen that you can't see the forest for the trees? Has it also ever happened to you that you've forgotten something in all the hustle and bustle?

Now you have time to brush up on old, forgotten skills or tackle completely new topics!

We are happy to help you

Even if the situation is not easy - it will go on. Decide for yourself whether you belong to the omitters or to the entrepreneurs! Ask a farmer once - he has already experienced many storms and tempests - but there is always something blooming in the field!

We decide now what seed to plant - but if you don't plant seed, you can't harvest.

Even if we have to reduce our social contact for a while - we can help to contain the pandemic - but also do a lot for our future!

When do you start? We are happy to help you!