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Video consultation via Skype or Whatsapp, etc.? A solution?


Telemedicine services, such as video consultations, can be a useful aid, especially when patients have to travel long distances or after operations. Doctors can explain further treatment to their patients on screen, examine the healing process of an operation wound or conduct a discussion. This means that patients do not have to come to the doctor's office for every appointment.

Video consultation

What do I have to consider in my practice if I want to offer video consultation?

In practice, the following points should be considered for your solution:

  • As a matter of principle, there must be a Consent be issued
  • Consultation hours must be held in rooms that are suitable for the Privacy ensure
  • The technology used must ensure adequate communication
  • A confidential and trouble-free handling must be ensured
  • The Clear name of the patient must be recognizable for the practice
  • The video consultation must free from advertising its

What are the requirements for the provider?

Video consultation

In order to comply with the legal requirements, a certified service provider should be used. The following requirements apply to the video consultation provider:

  • The Video service provider must be certified its KBV & GKV-Spitzenverband
  • The practice receives a Certificate of the provider § Annex 31 b to the BMV-Ä regarding information security and data protection
  • The video service provider must ensure that the entire transmission is End-to-end encrypted is

How can a video consultation be organized?

The process must make sense accordingly for the practice and for the patient. As a rule, the following procedure makes sense:

  • The physician registers with an appropriate certified video service provider
  • The physician / practice receives the corresponding access data
  • The doctor / practice assigns the patient a free appointment
  • The patient must give consent before the first video consultation (either to the physician or to the video service provider)
  • Doctor & patient dial in to video service provider - patient waits in online waiting room to be connected by doctor
  • In the end, both sides sign off
  • Documentation on the part of the physician / practice

Is the video consultation always possible?

In our opinion, video consultation is a suitable instrument for flexible communication with the patient. However, it does not replace an examination by an appropriate specialist. However, it can be used to realize preliminary discussions or short follow-up examinations accordingly.

Can Skype or WhatsApp also be used?

After consultation with the Bavarian Medical Association, the use of messaging services or Skype is viewed with great skepticism from a data protection perspective. The problem here is the requirement for the software, which demands direct transmission and end-to-end encryption. It is therefore not advisable to use these services.

Do you need help with integration?

We are happy to offer you help with the integration of your video consultation.

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