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News at Google my Business regarding COVID 19


COVID 19 does not pass by Google my Business either. There is a new section which you can use if you are concerned.

COVID 19 provides for changes

Through the new feature, companies can communicate recommendations or notices that deviate from regular operations.

Ideas for this include:

  • Food to go
  • We deliver your products (e.g. gardeners, restaurants, nurseries, etc.)
  • Video consultation
  • Reduced opening hours
  • Changes regarding processes
  • Notice that all employees are in the home office
  • Notes for example "Workshop open", etc.
  • etc.
Google my Business regarding COVID 19

How do I set up the information?

You can find setup help in your Google my Business account. You have the following options:

Change opening hours

If your opening hours have changed, update the corresponding times. The opening hours are displayed when a user accesses your company profile.

Manage information about your company

Indicate whether COVID-19 is affecting your business operations. So, if applicable, include information in your profile about special precautions, for example, if you now only offer takeaway meals or only deliver to homes. Users will also be interested to know if your business is participating in public outreach against the coronavirus or if there are any delivery delays.

Create post

Publish detailed and timely news about your company in posts. For example, include information about available products and services and link them to other informational materials. You can still use posts to communicate directly with customers on a regular basis.

Temporary closures

Currently, Google relies on authoritative data sources (if available) to mark certain types of places as "temporarily closed" in Google Search and Google Maps.

What else can you do?

You can also write a post or store a special offer. For example, you can communicate new products or services here (e.g. delivery service, video consultation, etc.).

Consider whether you might be able to hold some meetings or customer contacts via video conferencing (e.g. Skype, video consultation, etc.) - we are currently noticing that even people who have not worked with these technologies to any great extent are getting to grips with them. App stores are also seeing a huge increase in downloads, as many people are taking a new and more intensive look at the possibilities offered by their end devices.