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To find the right path, you have to know where you stand

We compare search engine optimization with driving a car:

I need to know where I am and where I want to go, then my navigation system in the car can help me reach my destination. Whether I then drive fast or slow depends on myself. There are situations in which slower is better than fast.

Searchmetrics Suite

The Searchmetrics solution can help you achieve your goals faster and better


The Searchmetrics Suite is basically your navigation system. But also more. The Suite can help you reach your goals faster and better. It also helps you to see where you are - as well as gives you guidance on how to further develop your content and if there are possibly new areas you can tap into.

What is Searchmetrics?

Whether it's research, SEO tracking or content development, Searchmetrics Suite can help you boost all aspects of your organic search performance.

What is possible with the Searchmetrics suite?

Research Cloud

Understand your market! Compare yourself with your competitors!

Compare your historical performance with your competitors. This can help you discover new SEO opportunities or spot new trends! Review the performance of your content at the page level and identify growth opportunities!

With 360-degree insights and advanced keyword research, insights on SERP features, you can capture your market and visualize current changes!

Contend Experience

Overtake your competition with better content & stronger content!

Get repeatable and measurable results with our content analytics. Our software helps you create better content in real time. Real-time feedback gives you feedback on the quality of your content as you create your text. In addition, you can identify available potential before publishing.

With the award-winning platform and Microsoft Word add-in, you gain flexibility and increase efficiency.

Search Experience

Track your website keywords and your competitors' keywords across all markets. Find out what appeals to your target audience!

With our advanced SEO keyword tracking, you get targeted recommendations that help you achieve your goals. Keep an eye on rankings, market share, competitors and growth potential. Not only regionally - but in over 130 countries!

Understand and meet your customers' expectations!

Site Experience

You want to know if you can improve something technically? The Site Experience helps you with the appropriate crawler tools and the link checker.

Plus, you can protect your SEO performance with regular monitoring. Find link and indexing errors - even for Java Script based websites.

Identify risks and opportunities! Take precise measures to improve your page speed, website architecture, internal links or duplicated content.

You will also receive targeted recommendations for improving your internal link structure!

More information about the individual functions

Why choose Searchmetrics over us?

Tailored offers

We can create customized offers for you - in other words, you can get your personal software package at favorable conditions.

Full access to the suite as a sublicense

You will receive a sublicense from us

Individual support

We tailor our support to your needs

Targeted support possible

We can provide you with targeted support - for example, optimizing your page speed, etc.

Flexible terms

In today's world, flexibility of a solution is a very precious commodity - you can change your solution or package quickly and easily. We also offer short-term terms. For example, even if you only need an area for a short time (e.g. because you are very active in improving your content), we can help you quickly and easily - without long runtimes.

Accompanying measures possible

We can support you in different ways - be it in the area of visual, technical or content optimization

Coaching possible

Are you stumped on a topic? We will be happy to help you.

You want to train an employee or learn it yourself? Here, too, we are at your disposal - we will find a solution for you!

Combinations possible

You can also combine any of our other services (e.g. reputation management, legally compliant GTCs, etc.) with

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