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Ways out of the crisis - our offer


New situations require new solutions and new ways

Many are in a difficult situation due to current events. We want to help and offer you our one-time short analysis of your website free of charge. This will tell you whether your website has potential and where you can start.

What do we check in our short SEO analysis?

Ranking history

We determine how your organic visibility has evolved over time.

Comparison mobile / desktop

Mobile search is becoming more and more important - but what about your website?

Keyword distribution

What does your keyword distribution look like? Where do you stand with single keywords or long-trail keywords?

Potiential analysis

What is your potential?

Quick analysis

Are there any gross errors at first glance (e.g. long loading time, etc.)?


What recommendations can we give you?

We do not know if we can always help - but it is worth a try

Are you committed to anything after the analysis?

No. We are of course pleased when we receive orders - but at the moment our main concern is to provide assistance. If we receive an order from this, of course, we are not angry.

Does the offer also apply to private websites?

No - the offer is aimed exclusively at commercial websites.