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Local SEO - why currently particularly important?


The current situation is already very unusual - but it also creates new options! Learn more!

Many pubs, stores, etc. have enormous problems due to the current situation.

Sure - there are support measures - but do they work for all companies? Do they make sense in every situation?

How does your target group find out that you exist?

After all, each of us started his business because he wants to make a living through it. Many give up free time or other pleasant things in life to realize the dream of self-employment. And then comes the current situation.

Short-time work - not interesting or a solution for everyone

Many employers struggle with sending their employees to short-time work. We know employers who are very concerned about this issue - they know very well that one or the other employee will not be able to cope with the short-time allowance. Rent on credit, etc. are not great prospects. And if I can just about make ends meet with my normal salary - how are the arrears to be paid? Some are therefore increasing salaries because they are afraid of losing the good and reliable employees.

Many become creative

Many people come up with something - pubs, nurseries, etc. try to sell some of their goods via a delivery service and generate sales accordingly. Others try to "place" their employees with others (e.g. as mini-jobbers) so that the loss of income is minimized.

That's all well and good - but there is one problem:

However - how would the customers know that I am not closed?

If your service or business can't be found online and your information isn't presented, how will your customer know there are options for them to buy from you? Here can Local SEO help

What measures can you take?

  1. Check if you have a Google my Business-Account have - if so, then make your information available - publish for example an entry that from now on also a delivery is possible. If you don't have an entry yet, create one!
  2. If you don't have a website yet, at least create one small at Google my Business - which is free of charge and can be created by anyone! It must also be noted here that you deliver, for example, and what you serve. What good is it if someone knows that you have something to eat - but not what you offer?
  3. Check if you also have an entry at Bing Places have - if yes, adjust it - if no, create it!
  4. Check if you are using Apple Maps are registered!
  5. Many Municipalities / cities have portals opened, on which you can register free of charge!
  6. Hang Signs to your store, on which the information is also communicated, so that you also address the walk-in customers!
  7. Consider thinking about E-Bay Classifieds etc. can draw attention to themselves
  8. Speak actively your customers to (provided they have the consent and contact details).
  9. Speak for example companies, which are still active in your region are (for example, delivery of a lunch so that the employees still present do not have to leave the house)
  10. If you know someone from a club, ask them if they can communicate the information to the club members (for example, in combination with a Action "free delivery for members of the TSV abc"
  11. Many Supermarkets Have "bulletin boards" - maybe you can post something here (for example, with tear-off cards with your phone number printed on them)
  12. Consider whether your Website better positioned regionally can be - we offer you a free check of your website - or you read the topic local search engine optimization

Hang in there! After rain always comes sunshine and especially:

Stay healthy, because health is a commodity that cannot be replaced by anything in the world!