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SEO - search engine optimization for small business?


Many companies, service providers and self-employed people are on the Internet - even if some of them do not have their own website. Likewise, the Internet is now an everyday means of obtaining information - whether it is for an address, an online order or any other topic. Meanwhile, almost every 2nd search query has a commercial background.

Likewise, many portals and directories publish addresses (for example, the phone book or the yellow pages). Likewise, Google, for example, also collects more and more data and maps more and more information via Google my Business - meanwhile you can also order your pizza via Google Maps.

Is search engine optimization also interesting for small businesses?

The Internet is an opportunity to attract new customers. If you are left behind, you will miss this opportunity - and with it a new chance to win new customers.

If you and your service are found, then new opportunities arise from this.

From a purely strategic point of view, there are to the growth opportunities on the Internet combined to the changed buying behavior of customers to search engine optimization (SEO) in principle no options. However, there are a variety of options - many of which are not always useful. Likewise, there are many providers who promise a lot but deliver little.

What kind of measures are available?

Basically, in our eyes, the first question is, what is actually search engine optimization for small businesses?

Many people always think of search engine optimization as just optimizing the website, increasing the speed, optimizing the text, etc. - however, in our eyes, optimization is more than just onpage optimization.

Search Engine Optimization - Search Engines & Optimization

For many, there is not much difference between search engines and the Internet - they are inevitably linked. Without the Internet, there are no search engines - or search engines, the Internet is often useless. Therefore, we prefer to call it

Use the Internet in a more meaningful and targeted way

It is necessary to consider what kind of marketing on the Internet makes sense for you:

  • Does it make more sense to use specific platforms effectively?
  • Are you so specific that instead of a very elaborate website optimization, a corresponding marketing measure (e.g. via Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) makes more sense and is more target-oriented?
  • Does your content and design also fit your business or is a website even counter-productive?


Use of Google my Business

Basically there is always the possibility to get a free "web business card" via Google my Business. This is free of charge and can be designed individually relatively easily. Especially for very small companies or service providers, this is a relatively inexpensive way to at least present themselves and draw attention to themselves via Google my Business.


Social media

Depending on your capabilities, product or service, you can use social media. Currently, many restaurants use this to communicate their menu or their latest information to customers.


Targeted promotional activities or advertisements

If you want to promote current offers or have a relatively specific short-term advertising, it can be considered whether a targeted action through ads in the respective media (search engine or social media) is interesting for you.


Website construction kits for small businesses / companies

Ready-made web construction kits are available for relatively small money from various providers. The advantage of this is that you can create your website without programming knowledge. However, the disadvantage lies in a later possible move. Mostly you are bound to one system.

Where are the potentials?

Especially at the present time, the trend is moving more and more toward local service providers and suppliers. This is a great opportunity. You can develop customers, which you have not reached so far.

Even small companies can be big

Success in successful use on the Internet is not always dependent on the size of the company. Rather, other factors are important. An appealing design, good usability and high-quality content are important.

Think from the customer's point of view!

Answer the following questions:

  • What does the customer want?
  • What helps him?
  • What information does your clientele or target group want?
  • Would you recommend your information if not from your company?

Present your information from as many points of view as possible. If you add value to your customers, then you are worth more to search engines.

SEO or SEA - which makes more sense?

SEO or SEA - which makes more sense?

Under the term SEO (=search engine optimization) is the optimization of the website. SEA on the other hand, is the placement of paid ads (e.g. Google Ads).

SEA is more of a short-term measure to quickly brand the website or an offer. SEO is designed more to improve your ranking and more for long term return. Often both are combined - ads in the beginning and over time the website is improved. This reduces the cost of the ads.

Take advantage of new trends and opportunities

Many well-known keywords are often already occupied by competitors. So it can be difficult for them to be used profitably. Especially with paid ads, this is a weighty point, because the costs are often based on the bidding - whoever bids the most gets the best placement. This can lead to very high costs with little benefit.

However, start-ups or small businesses in particular can break new ground.

For example, the number 2 search engine - YouTube. Here, it might be an idea to present your content as a video and build your own audience through it. Or you can use social media.

Consider offering your customers the following, for example:

  • creative help videos for your products or services
  • Practical applications
  • Comparisons between products
  • Planting instructions (for example, for nurseries, etc.)
  • Nursing Aids
  • How do I measure something correctly?
  • etc.

For example, these points can be combined very well with the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). These media can partly manage them very well themselves, so that no costs are incurred. In addition, you can quickly and personally reach your customers. Many private people are often more knowledgeable in these media than some providers.

An example of this is for example the singer Max Giesinger. After the first small success after Voice-over-Germany was gone, so he had no income and therefore not the capital, so he can produce a record. His team and he came up with the idea of crowdfundig - he called over the Internet to help him. In return, he sang at birthdays, parties, in the hair salon, etc.

This income allowed him to produce his first album - and what happened after that? Who did not know his song "80 Million".....

Take advantage of your opportunity and talents

Success is not dependent on size!

Conclusion - SEO is always interesting - especially for small businesses

In summary, it is always worthwhile to improve your activities on the Internet. No matter if it is in social media, on your own website or through other platforms. The better you help your target audience, the better your success will be.

You can achieve a lot yourself and the best SEO agency will not help if you yourself do not actively participate. Expert knowledge can help in the implementation, create its technical settings or the foundations for a successful strategy on the Internet.

Good agencies or SEO freelancers can help you implement your ideas even for small budgets. A big advantage is that in the SEO field even small budgets are enough to achieve measurable improvements.

In addition, the effectiveness of SEO measures can be tracked in concrete terms. And in the end only one thing counts - your success! Use your potential!

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