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Additional label for My Business from Google will come


According to SEO Southwest Google will introduce an additional label for My Business listings as part of the Google Guarantee qualification process. The paid label is intended to lead to better performance of business listings in local search results.

Label Google my Business

What will this award cost?

An official confirmation is still pending. However, the first scrennshots of the award are already available on Twitter. The award is intended to provide customers with a way to recognize visually verified and qualified providers.

Currently, prices of 50 $ per month are communicated.

Google my Business Label

What use is such a representation and why will it come?

Such a representation is intended to protect users from fraud.

It has already been used by locksmiths and licensed tradesmen since 2017.

Further reasons for the implementation are in our eyes also the current development. Increased attention must be paid here to who is reliably and seriously pursuing their business. Other reasons in our eyes are that the new rulings in the area of tracking and the general situation due to the Corona pandemic have caused sales in the area of online marketing measures to collapse in many areas.

Since statistics from Google say that in the transactional area almost every 2nd transaction takes place via my Business, it is in my eyes only a logical consequence that here also new revenue opportunities are sought. Since Google my Business has gained a very strong influence and importance, it was only a matter of time before it was considered. Especially due to the fact that the Corona pandemic has enormously strengthened the trend towards regional assignment of search queries.

When will this be introduced?

According to SEO Südwest, the feature is currently available for selected companies as part of a test. If and when the feature will be rolled out for all companies is not known - but we assume that it will be realized relatively soon.

On the one hand, it's about offering customers more value - on the other hand, you can work out for yourself how much money is involved each month....

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