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10 top tips for better Google ranking - SEO for beginners


Do you have a website or want to start a website and wonder what you can do to make sure your website is found?

Use our 10 top tips for better Google rankings and increase your traffic

We want to give you a brief overview of how you can achieve quick success in search engine optimization even as a beginner. Start with optimization and get better Google rankings, increase your traffic and also achieve more conversions!

Understand your target audience

No matter what you do - you don't do it for the search engines, but for your users. Therefore, understanding your target audience and their needs is the key.

10 top tips for better Google Rankin

10 points which you should consider


Define your website goals

Your website is your shop window. What information do you want to display? Do you want to store a booking system? Do you also want to generate online orders?

The more precisely and purposefully you define your goals, the more specifically you can plan your optimization steps. You may also be interested in integrating other platforms (e.g. Amazon or Google Shopping).

Can your sat nav show you the right way if you don't tell the sat nav the destination?


What are your unique selling points?

Do you know who you want to reach? What makes you stand out from the competition? Why should a customer choose you and not another provider?

The Internet is full of information - but do you have information that also gives the searcher unique, exclusive assistance?

Only those who have a profile can be recognized.

Comparison with competitors
Comparison with competitors

Who is your competition?

Not only you, but also your competitors want to have something from the cake of the Internet. Therefore, it is important to take a closer look at your competitors. What makes the competition better? Where am I better?

Don't just look at the "big ones" either - the small providers are exciting. Here you can often find new, exciting topics - or creative solutions. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel - often certain ideas can be adapted.

Contend is King

Avoid cannibalization

Again and again, website operators try to build up a multitude of URLs for one topic. In the past, this was also a way of optimization. Today, however, the data is collected and evaluated in topic clusters. Therefore, one should concentrate on one topic per URL and consider the topic as extensively as possible. This makes pages more competent and more in line with the user's intention.

Basically, every user who enters something in the search engine wants a solution to his question or concern. It is always about the user - only if the user is satisfied, we will be successful.

Better one page with 10 viewpoints than 10 pages on the topic with one viewpoint each.

good-seo texts

Create evergreen content

No content is written to last forever. Many providers are trying to make their websites better. Likewise, the requirements of the clientele change. Take the keyword Corona, for example - until the end of 2019, everyone thought of beer here. Since the beginning of 2020, this keyword has a different meaning. Therefore, you should always check whether your content meets the requirements of users.

Nothing is as constant as change.

SEO trends for 2021

Use year numbers in the title

Whether you are creating a guide on a topic or looking for the best tips, there is nothing more annoying than outdated information. That's why searches associated with years are very popular (e.g. the best .... 2020 or the most effective tips .... 2020).

Show that you are current!

Development SERP 09-12/2020
Development SERP 09-12/2020

Consider SERP features

There are different SERP features. The most popular is position 0 - this result is displayed above the organic search results.
If you use Featured Snippets, you can generate additional traffic.
Reliable technology

Make sure you have good, reliable technology and the right base

Search engines capture the content of web pages via bots. Therefore, the right technique is very important. For example, can the Google bot read your web page?

Besides these factors, other factors such as loading time, availability, etc. are also very important. The accessibility of your website is also part of this. Pay attention to the right technique as well. A change in accessibility of 1 % can be very expensive for you - 1 % per year equals 3.65 days per year. And now think what it would mean for you if your premises were simply inaccessible for just under 4 working days a year....

In addition, security and timeliness is a very important issue. Go for encrypted pages.

Link structure

Links - the salt in the soup

Links are like referrals in real life. Use all legal ways to point people to your website. It doesn't matter if you do social media, podcasts, Youtube or other PR work - the main thing is that your offer gets a mention. Optimal is the mention of your website. This is the only way to draw conclusions about your offer.

However, make sure that you do not accept dubious offers - they should be honest and high-quality links. There are sites that perform even without links. However, the possibility is higher if there are many trustworthy links pointing to you.


Note the EAT factors

EAT means Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. These are the most important indicators that classify the quality of a website. In particular, topics in the area of your money and your life are subject to special requirements. The more sensitive a topic, the higher the requirements (e.g., for finance, health, life advice, etc.).

The pandemic in particular has enabled Google & Co. to learn a great deal. The AI integration also helps to distinguish fraudulent packages from serious, professional providers.

There is a lot to do - when do you start?

We hope that we can give you a couple of ideas on how to take the next step. However, you should be aware that SEO is not a short sprint. For us SEO is the abbreviation for




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