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Google launches December 2020 Core Update


Introduction of the Google Core update for December 2020

Google has announced the launch of a new core update. It is the 3rd core update in 2020. The first one took place in January 2020 - the second one in May 2020.

The rollout started on 03.12.2020 at 13:00 (CET). Google has informed via Twitter that they have begun to play in the new update. It usually takes one to two weeks for all functions to take effect.

What can you do if you are negatively affected by the update?

Google has published advice on what to look out for as a website owner - especially if you had experienced negative effects in the past.

A generally valid statement cannot be made - rather, an analysis of your website is necessary so that we can give you recommendations.

Google December 2020 Update

What does a core update from Google mean for me as a site owner?

It is not possible to precisely predict the effects of a core update. The fact is that in the past, in the period shortly after the Publication always strong pregnancies in the area of visibility - whether in the positive or negative direction.

What should I pay attention to as a site operator?

We advise everyone to keep an eye on their ranking results. Do not panic under any circumstances.

Please also be careful, because it can be assumed that right now some angenturen with exciting numbers or behaviors in the year-end spurt will still try to win one or the other customer. Especially from the point of view that some agencies currently have big problems (e.g. SEO agencies for travel, carnival, etc.).

Since experience shows that results fluctuate greatly, you should approach all measures with structure and system. In principle, it is to be expected that the trends known so far will be followed up accordingly.

Additional points such as Core Vital values will become more and more influential.

So - always try to make your web presence better step by step. Offer something to your target group! Look at the world from the point of view of your target group!

Supplement 07.12.2020

The first trends of the update are visible. As always, there are winners and losers of the update. Even now, at this early stage of the update, it is becoming apparent that some Dictionaries and related page types will systematically be among the losers of the December 2020 Core Update.

However, there is still something to observe:

With the last Core Updates often complete domains were evaluated. This is also the case with this Core Update - however, there are also cases in which Google significantly more targeted proceeds.

Winners & Losers Google Update December 2020
Winners & Losers Google Update December 2020

We are staying on the ball for you and are excited to see where the journey will take us shortly before Christmas.