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Digital marketing definition, measures, strategies



Digital marketing - what is it?

Digital marketing refers to measures taken by companies to build a brand, generate leads, conversations, increase sales, develop new potential customers, etc. The term "digital marketing" is used to refer to the entire range of digital marketing activities.

Digital marketing is mostly data-driven. As an experienced online marketing agency, we help you create, select or optimize your strategy and your measures.

What is the difference between digital marketing and online marketing?

Actually, none - rather, online marketing is a subarea or subform of digital marketing.

The difference is that online marketing is usually only related to online media - digital marketing includes online and offline measures.

What media are there for digital marketing?

Digital marketing can include many methods and elements. The most common carriers are:

  • the own homepage
  • Company Blog
  • E-books
  • Whitepaper
  • Infographics
  • Video or audio content
  • Interactive tools (games, quizzes, etc.)
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Online reporting
  • Email marketing
  • etc.

What measures are there in digital marketing?

There is a wide range of different measures that can be taken. Depending on the objective, the different measures are combined with each other so that they complement each other.

Basically, your online marketing strategy must take care to create a consistent message and a strong recognition value. Likewise, the needs of your target audience must be taken into account so that their expectations and requirements are met.

Depending on the requirement, touchpoints are set by your marketing agency in digital marketing at different points so that targeted actions are executed.

Methods Digital Marketing

Content & Content Marketing

Digital business and digital marketing thrive on content.

No matter which online marketing measure you take, addressing your target group according to their needs and adding value to the content is the basis for a successful customer approach. The better and more relevant the content, the more likely you are to achieve your desired response from the customer. There are important key figures here, such as the click-through rate. This is used to measure how successful your campaign is.

Content creation and optimization, including optimization for your target audience - this is the basic principle of content marketing. As a rule, this is not a one-time process, but an ongoing process, as your competitors also improve and change their content. Likewise, it may be that the needs of your users or users change.

PR - Public Relations

Public relations is a classic marketing tool. However, it must be taken into account that a great deal has also changed in this area in recent years.

In the past, PR messages were used to try to create a positive light of a product, company, etc. - now, in the course of digital business, it also serves to achieve increased visibility, strengthen the trust and authority.

In addition, digital transformation or digitization has also taken place in the area of media. As a result of digitization, many surfaces on the Internet read current news automatically from various websites (e.g. Google News) - and more and more news is also published via social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social media offer interesting marketing opportunities. Users can select via their own settings which areas they want to be informed about. In addition, the psychological component plays a very important role for users, because they can comment, share or rate themselves. Likes, shares or comments - the user is his own reporter.

However, there are risks as well as opportunities with social networks - and the special requirements must also be taken into account. Contributions are usually expected to be inspiring or entertaining - or very unusual, inspiring wonder.

The approach to customers should be as emotional as possible.

Search engine optimization

Without search engine optimization, the best website or campaign is useless. In e-business, it is an important part of your success. What good is it if, for example, your customer became aware of your website through your Internet marketing, but churns again due to a lack of information or a poor visitor experience?

SEO involves not only improving your presentation in Google search results - good SEO work also takes care of conversion optimization. The success of your campaign depends on this.

What about search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing (such as Google Adwords) falls mentally with in the area of search engine optimization, because they are rather tuned to short-term or special measures. In addition, they are not very successful and expensive without a good content.


Seeding is the strategic distribution of content. Through the strategic distribution and placement of targeted content, attempts are made to increase the reach and at the same time generate high-quality backlinks.

There are different areas here:

Branded Content Seeding

Branded content seeding refers to measures that distribute content that is closely linked to a brand. However, the brand is not in the foreground here.

One example of this is Dr. Oetker - where baking recipes and corresponding tips are published via social media. In the background, the baking mix from Dr. Oetker is then opened very discreetly, for example via a video on YouTube.

Viral Seeding

Viral campaigns try to achieve multiplication effects - you go "viral". Here, many individual requirements have to be taken into account. Basically, every single user must feel inspired to share the content (mostly videos or images).

Different emotional bases should be created - often funny videos or pictures are shared - but also deliberately provocative statements (e.g. open letter, scandal news, etc.).

It is important that it is proactively shared in the right place and results in a quick ball effect. Influencers are often used for this purpose, as they can reach a large target group relatively quickly via their followers.

Linkbaits and link building

Linkbaits are content that is explicitly designed to appear maximally relevant to editors of other media. The goal is that the content is published in their media. In addition, the goal should be to receive a link to your own content (for example, as a source reference, etc.). This also achieves high-quality link building.

When creating linkbaits, editors must be aware of which media and which target group are to be tapped. They must take into account the customer needs and content orientation of the media, including their own motivation for their own marketing. You will only be successful if you take all requirements and interests into account.

Better to have only one report, which has a good customer journey for all, than many, which does not fit into the marketing of the target interfaces.

Video Seeding

Video seeding is used to tap into the target group through multipliers or the targeted placement of video ads. Here, it is important that the interests of the multipliers are also taken into account, as with PR media, so that they are also motivated to share these videos.

Examples of this are, for example, test reports from trade magazines on the manufacturer's pages. More and more online stores are also using videos provided by manufacturers.

Current trends in digital marketing

In 2020, a lot has changed on the Internet as well. The share of the moving image and the share of voice search became much larger. As more and more companies realize the influence of Instagram, so the format IGTV (in-house TV channel of Instagram) became more popular.

It can also be observed that more and more companies are relying on direct communications with customers via chats.

In 2021, digital marketing will increasingly target smaller audiences. Defining buyer personas will become increasingly important - but strategies should always remain flexible. Your digital marketing agency should regularly evaluate your data in order to react quickly to the changing demands of users.

One of the most important tasks of the management of your online marketing activities will be the consideration and the identification of the requirements and interested parties of the target groups. Search engines such as Google or the providers of social media can approach individual users in an increasingly targeted and individualized manner. The Corona pandemic in particular has taught them a great deal about individual Internet users.

No matter which path you take, your goal should be to create the most relevant content.


To reach your potential customers for your business, there are many options. Make sure your agency doesn't just focus on one area - at least ask here why other options aren't being used.

As an optional full-service agency, we are happy to help or advise you on your options and on your sensible marketing mix.