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Google Local Pack - What is it?


Google's Local Pack is a local listing that appears in the individual Google products. It can be compared to the former Yellow Pages. It is also known as "Map Pack" or "Snack Pack". You have probably come across it more often than you think when using the Google search engine.

The Local Pack can be vital to the success of your small business.

What is the Local Pack and where can I find it?

Roughly explained, the Local Pack is a section in Google's search results. Here Google connects your search query with local businesses.

If Google determines that your query carries a local intent, Google will display three local businesses that are most likely to have a link to your search query and can help you further. In the past, these local packs were considered to still be the 7 most popular businesses in your area.

Google Local Pack
Google Local Pack

Due to the increasing mobile usage, Google reduced the display to only three results. In addition, the algorithm was also changed with regard to the local results. Currently, it is also being tested in some regions whether the places could be marketed - i.e. paid for - accordingly.

Why should I set up and actively manage a Local Pack?

According to statistics, ide Local-3-Packs is played out in 93% of cases when a local search is performed. 46% of all searches on Google are of this type.

When a business is optimized for a local Google search, the business has a better chance of being found at the top of the search results page. In many cases, you will not find a more effective way of marketing if a company is active locally.

What does that mean for you?

If you are a small business and want to appear in local search as often and as frequently as possible, take care of your Local Packs!

If you are ranked for Google, your business will reap the benefits - online and offline! You will get more website traffic and achieve better SEO results. Moreover, your visitor behavior may increase accordingly, as more people will find your local business.

Through this, it is an option on how you can increase your sales accordingly.

Studies say that most visitors focus on the first page of search results. Since it is often very difficult to get into the top 10 search results for some keywords, the Local Pack is one way you can effectively rank for your keywords. Case studies have shown that

  • 44 % of the people click on the local package
  • 8 % the user have loaded more local results (speak the extension of the display of the 3-pack).
  • 19 % click on paid search results

If you look at the results, it is also clear that the organic traffic is getting lower and lower via the pure rankings in the search results.

Not taking care of your profile often means loss of revenue

How can I appear with my local package?

Google is always striving to provide searchers with the best information and experience. Therefore, it is important for Google that the companies listed in the search results answer the search queries as well as possible. For this you have to help Google. Basically, the following activities are important:

  • Update your Business information
  • When you Services or products on your website, how would Google know that you carry the product or provide the service?
  • Optimize your website

For Google, key central factors are important (such as proximity, job titles, address, telephone, e-mail, opening hours, etc.).

Use your Google my Business listings too! You should also monitor these, as users can also provide corresponding information about your company - and there are not only friendly ones here. We have already experienced that providers suddenly have completely different specialist names or changed opening hours, because other "users" have indicated this.

Google also rewards the companies that reliably take care of their profile - for example, by commenting on reviews you may have received, customizing products, posting reviews, etc.