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The 10 most common mistakes in digital marketing


Many people are talking about digitalization - the marketing sector is also becoming more and more digital. The new options and offers also make the market very opaque. Below are a few points that should help you avoid making the wrong decisions.

the most common mistakes digital marketing

No strategy and positioning

To determine the right path, I need to know where I stand - and to be recognized, I need to have a profile. In addition, your competitors should also be considered so that your unique selling points can be highlighted accordingly.

Take your time and consider what your goals are for your online activity.

Much helps much

The principle can even be harmful in online marketing - wrong often bought links are rather harmful. Pay attention to the quality instead of the quantity - rather less, but good.

Less is often more - rather just one good measure instead of too much without a plan.

Visibility exclusively via homepage

Opinions and decisions are no longer made solely on the basis of information on a website. Rather, customers also consider testimonials, expert opinions, etc. Active reputation management is therefore one of the foundations of a successful online strategy. In addition, portals and regional directories must be considered and integrated into the strategy (for example, the use of Google my Business).

A good and detailed market analysis can help you to find the right ways. Depending on the initial situation, it may make sense to communicate information via portals instead of supplementing your own website.

No patience & false expectations

Long-term and profitable measures require time and effort. It's like in your profession - only over time with the right knowledge and actions the result will be good. And if you think that a few button clicks are enough for you to become successful, you are mistaken. Online marketing is not a sprint but a marathon run with many sprint units.

Good digital marketing doesn't happen with the push of a button. If someone tells you this, you should refrain from doing so. Rather, it is take action, check, recheck, control, etc.

Only SEO instead of online marketing

SEO is often confused with digital marketing. Basically, both topics complement each other. They should not be considered independently, but together. If you use Google Ads, for example, you can gain important insights for your SEO ambitions and vice versa. The better your SEO measures, the more successful your online marketing measures can be.

Set goals and check if you reach your goals!

Review all areas where you can make improvements! This goes from content to warehousing, responding to inquiries, etc.

Incorrect budgeting

Quality rarely comes at a bargain price. For many, the costs of digital marketing measures are not easy to understand. In many cases, we experience that the costs are also not presented transparently. Often, a lot of money is spent on design, but the UX design for optimization is forgotten.

Do not save at the wrong end! Consider what the most successful in online marketing in doing (eg Google, Amazon, etc.).

Incorrect assessment social media

If you operate social media, you must be aware in advance that this also means work. In addition, the selection of the platform is important, because you also want to develop the right target group. Basically, we always advise to at least save the name on all platforms so that you can possibly use it later. Consider which topics should be communicated in which time frame (e.g. create an editorial plan). Likewise, one thing is very elementary: Find out what legal regulations are in place (e.g. imprint obligation, privacy policy, etc.) - social media profiles are popular subjects for warning letters.  

Social media can be a curse or a blessing - but it has to fit you!

Here you need to consider which platform suits you and how - but each platform also means effort and work!

Wrong agency & blind trust

As in any industry, there are good and bad agencies. Question your agency - not just the marketing agency you're dealing with, but your service providers as well. If your web hosting provider, for example, only has a guaranteed availability of 95 % compared to one with 99 %, this can mean a period of 14 days a year when your website is unavailable.

Make sure that you have control options at all times!

Likewise, you should always remain the owner of your accounts (e.g. social media, Google my Business, etc.) so that you always have flexibility in case of any discrepancies.

Technical errors

No matter what measure is implemented - it must work. The most common technical errors are:

  • Link problems and dead links due to system revisions
  • Unmaintained sitemaps
  • Errors in important files for search engines
  • Duplicate content
  • Lack of relevance or spelling errors
  • Lack of alternative descriptions of images
  • Poor security (e.g. insecure files, etc.)
  • High loading times
  • etc.

Rather invest in reasonable technology instead of looking for the lowest prices!

People often underestimate the costs incurred due to increased programming staff, poor service accessibility, etc. Just think about what it means to be on hold for an hour instead of going about your normal business.

Likewise, bad user experiences can jeopardize your entire concept.

No monitoring

We often experience that a lot of money is invested in online marketing - but the success cannot be clearly tracked. With relatively simple and targeted means, the optimization and success of measures can be recorded and tracked. Make sure that you get a good and informative monitoring of the individual measures, because only if you know which cog is stuck, you can keep the clockwork running.

Do not undertake anything without controlling. Unfortunately, we experience it relatively often in customer meetings that the perceived development does not match the real figures.

Rely on facts rather than inaccurate and unproven assumptions.


Digital marketing or online advertising is not witchcraft - but it's also not as easy as it looks. A lot of work is often not perceived from the outside. But in the meantime, due to the high number of providers in many areas, there are many small factors that decide about a place in front or behind - in other words, about success and failure.

What is important in our eyes is always reliable, honest and constant improvement. And things can always be better - even if you think they are currently good. Nothing is like change - the Pademie, for example, has shown that. In 2019, the meaning of the search word "Corona" was completely different than in 2020.