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Multitask Unified Model (Mum)


According to Google, artificial intelligence will fundamentally change our access to information, which will also have a major impact on Google's most important product: search.

Everyday life will change

Currently, terms, questions, etc. are entered into the search slot - this process is to be made much more interactive in the future. Google presented the innovations and outlooks in the last Search-On keynote.

First building block: MUM - Multitask Unified Model

Image and text search should come together thanks to MUM
Image and text search should come together thanks to MUM
Source WinFuture

Google's first building block for the new way of searching is the "Multitask Unified Model" (abbreviation MUM).

An example of how MUM works:

Users start their search with the camera tool Lens - a shirt is photographed. This image can then be used to narrow down the search results via further questions - such as "Shirt with this pattern. "It is therefore possible to combine the search via images with a conventional search.

Even more complex tasks become possible

Bicycle repair with Google help
Bicycle repair with Google help
Source: WinFuture

More complex tasks will also become possible. Google used the example of a bicycle. The camera is used to capture the affected component on the bicycle via Lens - in addition, "how can I repair this" is added.

Google then provides the appropriate videos, tutorials, etc.

By integrating MUM, Google will also make a visual overhaul.

There will be new overlays and topics that fit the search accordingly. Likewise, some topics will have more inspirations - Google should also become a "source of inspiration".

MUM will succeed BERT, according to Google - scheduled to launch in the IV quarter of 2021.

According to Google, the machine learning model is 1000 times stronger than its predecessor. It should be able to understand and relate different content formats such as images, texts, podcasts, PDFs, etc. much better.

What does MUM mean for SEO & webmasters?

MUM creates new options. Contents are to be better understood.

Therefore, little will change for SEO, because there should always be the requirement to create high-quality and user-centric content with the best possible experience. The advantage is that now more different media can be used and connected.

In our eyes, everything remains the same - except that it is becoming increasingly important to create well-worded texts and suitable content.

However, it is also true:

The new possibilities will significantly increase competition, as content can also be displayed in a foreign language if this makes more sense to the user - in other words, it will become even more important to understand the user's intention.

Likewise, the traffic for a website may decrease, as there will certainly be more direct answers in the search results.

What does MUM mean for users?

MUM will provide better search results to the user.

It is also possible that the user receives search results and answers for which he did not even ask or in which his original search term is not included.

The user will also find increasingly improved AI understanding over time. Search results will become cross-media.

When will it start?

Since 10/03/2021, there is a heated discussion in webmaster forums about an update, because in some areas very strong fluctuations can be observed.

However, no official confirmation has been provided by Google at the moment. Some speculations suggest that the first changes have been made. We will observe the development and add to our article in the next few days.