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Why is it necessary to improve texts again and again?


Revise texts

Many people think that it is enough to create and write a text for a website once. We want to show you why this is not the case and what reasons there are that you should always review and improve your content.


Your website is your shop window & showroom

For example, imagine a clothing store that always has the same decoration in spring, summer, fall and winter. Can you imagine if there are swimming trunks in the shop window in January, that you will sell your winter clothes then? Therefore, your content should always be adapted to the needs of your target audience. Especially the last 2 years have changed the needs and demands of the users.

Nothing is as constant as change

Not only the demands of the customers change - also your own requirements and demands change. Be it that purchasing prices change, legal circumstances, personnel structures, material properties, etc. - nothing is more unpleasant for your target group than finding incorrect information in your content.

Take information on costs - especially due to changes in labor costs, purchase prices, electricity, gas, water, etc., prices are always changing. Make sure that your information is correct and up-to-date.

Optimize competitors too

There are many providers who try to improve their content and quality. It should be checked if you can give better and more helpful information to your target audience.

Times and trends change

There are contributions which receive a lot of attention today - but in a few days / weeks / months have become uninteresting due to changing trends.

Google is attentive

Regular revisions and updates do not remain hidden from Google. If you put yourself in Google's shoes, who would you prefer? Someone who regularly tries to improve his content or someone who never revises his content?

Are there any new insights / perspectives?

Often you create a content and think you have looked at the theme in many ways. Over time, through queries (e.g. at the service desk, customer inquiries, etc.), you realize that certain information is available but not clearly understood. Likewise, it may be that a point of view is newly added or has not been considered so far - you can add or correct this accordingly when revising your content.

We often use questions and answers for this purpose.

How do you create good texts or content?

We warn against going specifically for SEO texts. First and foremost, your target audience is important - if you don't reach them, Google won't help you either!


What should you consider in your text?

Basically, there are different points which you should consider in your text:

Who is the target group?

In my opinion, the most important thing is to be aware of who is going to read the texts later. Only when you reach your target group and satisfy their needs, you have a good text.

Create unique pieces!

Every text must be as unique as possible. You don't always have to reinvent everything - but the user must clearly see why he is in the right place with you.

Pay attention here also to the language. This should also reflect yourself - imagine that your prospect turns to you because of the choice of words and his expectations are not met in any way - this leads to negative experiences and in the long term also to bad reviews.

Keywords / Key words

Keywords are key words. You should have a clear focus on the content in your text.

Keyword density

The keyword density indicates how often the keyword appears in relation to the rest of the content. It is also called keyword desity. You should be careful here, because too frequent use can have a negative effect (so-called keyword stuffing).


WDF = within Document Frequency (frequency of all words)

IDF = Inverse Documten Frequency (weighting of a word in the document)

WDF * IDF is a tool that is often used to calculate the relevance of a content in relation to other websites / blogs. However, the tool is not a panacea - it can be an aid.

Structuring and optical requirements

There is nothing more boring than a monotonous text. Loosen up your text and make it clear.

Make sure your users can quickly find the information they need.

Tips and tricks

  • Also use Synonyms in your text
  • Use your keywords also in headlines and text paragraphs
  • Write simple and easy to understand
  • Rather short and concise sentences that easy to remember are
  • Write natural and entertaining
  • Hold the Structure of your headlines on (h1, h2, h3, etc.)
  • Set Images and graphics one - a picture always says more than 1000 words
  • Consider whether the use of jump labels makes sense
  • Use a high contrast of font and background
  • Pay attention to Good readability for font size and font type (the most frequent use is mobile!)
Questions about text creation

10 questions about your content

When you create texts or content, the focus should always be on the benefit for your users. We have put together 10 questions that should help you to question the content you create.

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