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What is the difference between Seo and Sea?


A lot has changed in the field of online marketing in recent years. Terms like SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising = Google Ads) are often listed. They are an integral part of the marketing mix in many online marketing strategies. In addition, there is also another term: SEM - Search Engine Marketing.

We want to show you how the terms differ - or complement each other.

Definition of terms SEO - SEA and SEM

What does SEO - Search Engine Optimization mean?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the optimization and improvement of a website. Here, Internet pages are better programmed and improved according to user expectations. Possibly also restructured. In principle, all measures that improve a website fall under this term. 

Aim of SEO

Aim of SEO is that an Internet presence with certain search terms has a improved relevance in the search engines (also referred to as ranking). Search engines list the individual search results based on their relevance to the search query entered and thus to the best answer to the search queries.

Are there any guidelines?

Yes. Each search engine has its own guidelines. These can be retrieved from the search engines. Inadmissible optimization measures are defined here. If these are used, they will be penalized by the search engines. This can lead to complete banishment from the search results.

Are there differences in the search engines?

Each search engine has its own algorithm to evaluate a web page according to a variety of criteria. The results are described as organic search results, as they are placed without external intervention

How long does SEO take?

SEO is a long-term process. Often, improved rankings are only noticeable after days or months. The improvement is not a one-time process - rather a constantly repeating one. You can compare it with gardening - even if you think you have done everything, you have to maintain and improve everything regularly.
Search engines are constantly developing their algorithm. New updates are introduced, which means a new evaluation of the content - both positive or negative. Likewise, your competitors continue to develop their content. Therefore, a secure ranking can never be guaranteed in the long run. SEO is also no guarantee for a place - however, the chance of a good ranking is higher if you constantly improve and optimize your content.

What does SEA mean -
Search Engine


SEA - Search Engine Advertising is the generic term for the use of ads in the search engines. The best known are Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). Here, ads are triggered for specific keywords or displayed in certain places. In the search results, these are usually marked with "Ad".

SEA goal

The goal of SEA is to convey a desired piece of information to the user as conspicuously as possible for certain search terms.

Are there any guidelines?

Yes. Each search engine has its own guidelines. Therefore, not everything can be advertised.

How long does SEA last?

SEA is a relatively short-term measure. It can support websites to promote an action. Likewise, the use can be interesting for startups to brand the name. Another starting point is the shopping area, so that targeted products can be sold.

 However, depending on the competitive situation, the click price per search term can be very expensive. Likewise, the time of day and the search term can influence the cost, as prices are often set according to the bidding process - in other words, the more that is bid, the better the placement.


  • Long-term
  • non paid search results
  • Depending on the algorithm of the search engine
  • Users and user-friendliness are in the foreground
  • Elaborate
  • Patience is often required


  • Keywords can be determined directly
  • fast and easy setup
  • Control useful and necessary
  • Budgets can be defined
  • Costs are based on keywords and competition
  • Paid search results

What is SEM - Search Engine Marketing?


SEM - Search Engine Marketing is a subfield of online marketing. This refers to all measures that deal with the placement of a website in the organic and paid area of search engines. In other words, SEO and SEA are parts of search engine marketing.