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What is Social SEO and how does it work?


Social SEO Marketing

Social SEO is not a single action that results in the improvement of your ranking. Rather it is the Integration of social media such as Instagram or Facebook into the SEO strategy, so that your own website is promoted.

Social SEO refers to all measures that involve the creation of search engine effective recommendations via social media. Recommendations can be, for example, links, shares or likes.

What exactly is meant by social SEO? A Like?

Social SEO is more than just a like of your page or a link to your social media profile. This type of SEO work is part of a strategy that supports the pursuit of your goals. It combines your social media activities with your website improvement activities.

Content Strategy + Social Media + Your Goals = Social SEO

For a successful implementation of your goals, all areas should be combined with each other. Only in this way can you avoid frictional losses and derive the optimum benefit from the individual areas.

What benefit do I get from social SEO?

According to studies by SEOMoz and Searchmetrics the importance of ranking successes in connection with social signals is increasing more and more. As Social Signals is the term used to describe feedback from users via social media channels - i.e. shares, likes and all interactions can have an influence on your ranking in the search engine results.

Here are the benefits of integrating your social media activities into your SEO strategy:

  • Direct effects to your social media presence by linking to your author profile incl. backlinks from existing profiles
  • Expansion and generation of social media activities - each link, share can have influence on your ranking
  • Indirect expansion of your backlink structure possible on own website

Why is it not so simple?

You must take into account that you connect two worlds - Social media and search results. Social media users have other claims than people who are actively searching for information. Therefore, different points of view must be taken into account here.

Can't I separate SEO and social media?

We always advise to consider both areas together. Different persons or service providers may be active - but both contribute to the perception of your service, products, etc.

When you both sides with each other and combine them, you get many opportunities and new possibilities. However, the use of social media channels can also influence your communication structure. You must also be prepared to do this.


Combining social media with your existing web strategy can benefit you. However, it alone is not a guarantee that your social activities or your SEO activities (or both) will be successful. However, you should take into account that your activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. can also have an impact on your SEO work - in both directions:

  • positive
  • negative

Use your possibilities and opportunities!