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Google Helpful Content Update - SEO new?



On 2022-08-18, Google published that a new Helpful Content update is currently rolling out.

This is aimed at websites that create content specifically for search engines. The update could bring about changes for the creation of online content in the long term.

What is the Google Helpful Content Update?

The goal of the update, according to Google, is to better reward helpful content. Content that does not meet a visitor's expectations should not perform as well.

Which points come into focus?

Google has been recording and analyzing traffic via search engines for years. From this, improvements or changes are derived and created. For years Google advises to create content for people and not for search engines. For this purpose, guidelines and advice are published again and again, so that users always receive better and higher quality search results. In the context of the update, these points are more focused than before.

Can you answer yes to the following questions?

Mirror your content clearly expertise at first hand and sound knowledge again?
For example, expertise derived from actually using a product or service or visiting a location.

Does your website have a primary purpose or is this recognizable?

Will your readers feel they have learned a lot?

Do you comply with Google's SEO guidelines and recommendations?

Will your readers have a positive experience?

What should you look out for in the future?

Basically, we have been advising for a long time to create content for users and not for search engines. All of Google's SEO guides follow the people-first approach. Target your content to your audience and create your content for people!

Points which you should pay attention to:

Target your content to people!

Do you take the approach of lots of content on different topics = hope some of it does well in search results?

Rather focus on a few topics!

Are you using automation for your content? The programs are getting better and better - but Expert knowledge cannot be replaced. In addition, the question is how the content differs.

Do you mainly summarize what others say without adding much value? What would you like to see? A general summary that you can find everywhere or a special and targeted info?

Do your readers feel they need to search furtherto get better information from other sources? Or do you get information that changes the search behavior?

Write with a certain number of words and think that Google has a preferred word count? For Google, the relevance and user experience is important - not the word count!

Are you writing without real expertise? Are you using a niche topic for this because you think you will get search traffic? By analyzing reviews, recessions, Google my Business or other databases, it is relatively easy to draw conclusions about your reputation.

Does your content promise to answer a question that doesn't actually have an answer? Or do you promise answers that are not answered in your content? You have to deliver what you promise!

Why does Google change the algorithm?

Google has a vested interest in displaying high-quality search results. This has several reasons:

  • Only good search results keep user - Poor results move to the competition
  • Only high usage figures ensure that Google Sell ads can
  • Google also relies more and more on AI (e.g. at Google MUM) - the better the foundations for data mining, the better the products from Google itself
  • The better the results on Google, the more likely Google will be able to distinguish itself from the Differentiate competitors
  • Good search results ensure more confidence among users (for example, the colloquialism "we google....")

How does the update work or when is it coming?

The update will be rolled out next week (in the US for now). Usually, this takes about 14 days. Considering the history of recent updates, other languages and countries will be updated shortly after.

What if I observe negative impacts?

Negative effects indicate that your website does not provide helpful content in one point or another. Here you should revise your content. Alllerdings:

It may take months for Google to apply the improvements!

Refrain from spam actions!

Use the people-first approach!

Improve usability in addition to content!