Walter Maar
Walter Maar

Walter Maar


"My goal is to help people further. I want to help that the Internet can help a person further".

Already in my school days I began to deal with the subject of computers. At that time, the topic of data transfer was still on a floppy disc or datasette.

About my person and qualification

1990 I began training as a communications electronics technician at Siemens, specializing in information technology, which I completed early with an examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Afterwards, I was employed as a mainframe service technician at Siemens.

1996 I changed industries and went into sales. At Allianz, I went through training until I became a regional manager.

2000 I started my self-employed activity.

During this time I worked in projects for different companies (for example Telekom, O2 (at that time Viag Interkom), Vodafone, Microsoft and Conrad Electronic).

In addition, since the beginning of my self-employment I have been looking after Specialists, clinics and companies in the field of the Internet marketing and Search engine optimization.

My focus is on optimizing and designing a successful strategy on how to make your online business meaningful and effective. Through regular training, I regularly expand my knowledge in technical, business and medical topics - as well as in the graphic arts.

Since 2019 I am one of 16 other companies in Germany Searchmetrics Partner

Likewise we are certified Sistrix Agency.