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Google Fonts and DSGVO

Many websites use Google Fonts - however, there are also important points under the GDPR which must be complied with. Learn more

Better copywriting

10 tips for better texts

We write every day. However, it is important to write your texts well. We give you 10 tips for better texts!

Google Lens

Multitask Unified Model (Mum)

According to Google, artificial intelligence will fundamentally change our access to information, which will also have a major impact on Google's most important product:

Google Local Pack

Google Local Pack - What is it?

Google's Local Pack is a local listing that appears in individual Google products. It is also referred to as "Map Pack" or "Snack Pack

Questions about text creation

10 questions about your content

When you create texts or content, the focus should always be on the benefit for your users. We have put together 10 questions that should help you to question the content you create.


Digital marketing definition, measures, strategies

Digital marketing refers to measures taken by companies to build a brand, generate leads, conversations, increase sales, attract new potential customers, etc. The digital marketing activities are also referred to as digital marketing.

SEO trends for 2021

SEO trends for 2021

The development on the web is continuously progressing. New technologies, formats and opportunities are creating change. 2021 will be a very important year for many industries

SEO costs

How much does SEO cost?

What does search engine optimization cost? Which billing models make sense? What about success-based payment? Which price is justified?

ECJ declares Privacy Shield invalid

ECJ declares Privacy Shield invalid

The EU-US Privacy Shield (also EU-US Privacy Shield) is an informal agreement in the field of data protection law that was concluded between the European Union and the United States from 2015 to 2016.

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