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Category: SEO-Blog

Better copywriting

10 tips for better texts

We write every day. However, it is important to write your texts well. We give you 10 tips for better texts!

Google Lens

Multitask Unified Model (Mum)

According to Google, artificial intelligence will fundamentally change our access to information, which will also have a major impact on Google's most important product:

SEO trends for 2021

SEO trends for 2021

The development on the web is continuously progressing. New technologies, formats and opportunities are creating change. 2021 will be a very important year for many industries

SEO costs

How much does SEO cost?

What does search engine optimization cost? Which billing models make sense? What about success-based payment? Which price is justified?

Google update in June

Google update in June

The "June 2019 Core Update" is the first time in history that Google has announced a core update in advance. Even more video carousels In some updates.

Google update March 2019

The big Google update March 2019

Google has struck again - the new update went live. The changes of the Core update seem to be more extensive than those of the Medic update. Since