Google my Business - free business profile

Google my Business is a free business profile in the Google universe. It is provided to users by Google free of charge. It can be compared with the previous Yellow Pages. Through this, customers can be addressed via Google maps and Google search.

This opportunities through Google my Business in the area of search and map services free of charge can be used. This is a free way of advertising. New customers can contact you quickly and effectively and also learn a lot about your company. In addition to the opportunities, there are also risks that need to be considered if the profiles are not properly maintained and created. One reason for this is that you can also receive ratings via these profiles. Here, corresponding entries can have a more or less strong influence on your reputation.

We want to give you some basics and help so that you can make good use of this opportunity - and if you need help, we will be happy to help you further.

Google my Business

Google my Business - the yellow pages of the Internet

Basically, your entry can be used to provide your potential customers with information about your company. The Google Inc. owns and operates the most used search engine with a global market share of 87 percent (according to statista).

This potential can be partially used free of charge by Google my Business in the area of search and map services. This is a free way of advertising possible. New customers can contact you quickly and effectively and also learn a lot about your company.

You can compare the entry with a kind of "mini-website".

In addition to the opportunities that arise from the use, there are also risks that need to be considered if the profiles are not properly maintained and created. One reason for this is that you can also receive ratings via these profiles. Here, corresponding entries can have a more or less strong influence on your reputation.

In addition, other users can provide additional or changed information about their companies. For example, we have already experienced that a competitor has completely changed the opening hours of a dental practice, which led to discrepancies on the one hand with patients and on the other hand in the practice.

Likewise, we have already experienced, for example, that a competitor influenced an unkempt profile in such a way that the web page entered in Google my Business did not point to the company's web page, but to a stranger's web page.

What are the benefits of using Google my Business?

Google presentation

You can influence your presentation on Google

Free online business card

The appearance is free of charge

Improve your local findability

Potential customers perceive your company better and sooner

Monitoring possible

If you maintain your profile, you will also receive notifications when there are recessions or questions about your company

Increase confidence

Customers who find your company listing on Google perceive your company as serious and trustworthy

Statistics & Controlling

There are several statistics tools

Ranking factor

Google my Business influences your ranking

Where can I create my entry myself?

Either we create your entry for you (for a fee or as part of a service package) or you create your account yourself:

Where are the results displayed?

Your Google my Business listing can be done in a variety of ways:

Local Pack in the search results

In the search results, 3 results from Google my Business results are displayed.

Note that in many cases the Local Pack is placed above the search results. This means that even rank 1 of the organic rankings is behind the local results of Google my Business. This already channels a large part of the possible visitors accordingly. The pictorial presentation alone ensures that the user is first directed to the visually differentiated entries. Especially in the mobile area, the consequences become visible with the appropriate evaluation.

This also reduces the number of possible visitors that can be generated by the organic ranking.

Display on Google Maps

Display on Google Maps

Results matching the search result are displayed accordingly. The user can make a corresponding filtering (depending on the topic - for example, who is open, sorting by rating, delivery service, etc.).

How can I check if I already have a Google my Business profile?

Query Google my Business
Google often creates profiles automatically. Therefore, it first makes sense to check whether a profile already exists. To do this, you can simply enter your company name in the search slot of the Google search engine. If a profile already exists, this will be displayed. In this way, you can also check whether your competitors have already created a profile. If you have created the profile yourself, you can then log in accordingly. Basic information on logging in, registration, etc. can be found at

If a profile exists, but you have not created it yourself

Google creates many profiles by itself, because different sources are used. If a profile is available, but you have not created it yourself, you have to take over the entry.

To do this, you should follow the procedure below:
1.) Call Google Maps
2.) Enter the name in the search bar.
3.) Select company
4.) Select item "Register as owner

How can I manage my Google my Business profile?

After you have logged in, you can manage your profile accordingly. You can find basic information on administration on the Google pages or in your Google my Business account under "Support". Here you will also find information on the basic setup. Many points here are self-explanatory.

In the image, we have obscured our own figures accordingly.

In the overview you can also see your performance - i.e. how often your profile was displayed or called up.

Basic information about profiling

Be sure to use simple language and short sentences!

The information must be quick and easy for the user to understand. The information must make the user curious about you! He must be briefly and interestingly motivated to contact you or visit your website!

Very important: YOUR company description

Highlight your unique selling points. Put the most important points at the front, because the first 250 characters are displayed more often than the rest of the text.

Settings in your profile

Important to know


It is important that Google automatically creates profiles. Moreover, this profile can also be changed, as corresponding users can send information to Google for addition.

We have already experienced in practice that, for example, the consultation hours of a practice were suddenly no longer correct, wrong websites were stored, etc. - this can have a very negative effect on your business,

Therefore, check your account regularly!

Here you will find an overview of your profile

Under posts you can add offers, news, events, etc - try to always have at least 2 recent posts online as this will increase your visibility.

Here you can enter your catchment area, opening hours, website, link to the appointment booking system, etc. Here you can also store if your business is temporarily closed. Also enter a description of your business - here the first 250 characters are the most important.

Here you will find information and figures about your profile (for example, how often was your profile displayed - direct search or indirect search (e.g. via services). You can also see whether you or a service / product was searched for.

Here you can find reviews of your business / service. This function is currently partially limited available. 

Please also note the following articles:

Here your customers can send you messages directly from the ad (e.g. Google Maps). Make sure that these can be processed quickly.

Here you can deposit different pictures and videos - interior shots, exterior shots, workplace, team, etc. Make sure that they are nice and good shots, because the pictures / videos will also be displayed in the results. Which ones exactly - you have no influence on that.

Small videos up to 30 seconds long can also be published.

Here you can store in-stock items. You should set up this menu item if your website has an online store. Make sure that you only integrate products that you can offer.

Here you can store your industry and your services - make sure that the first category is evaluated as the main category. Think here of your treatments / services. In addition, a keyword research can help.

If you don't have a website yet, you can create a small website yourself here. Even a kind of blog about your contributions is possible.

In the Users section you can integrate additional people who can manage your profile as well

Here you can directly access your Google Ads account and monitor and control the corresponding online campaigns.

Hints and tips

Important for your keyword choice for services / products

It is also important that certain search queries Automatically assigned regionally and by subject become. This is especially important for the following all providers who have a regional reference:

  • local stores
  • Restaurants
  • Medical practices
  • Workshops
  • etc.

Let's take the following example:

You search for glasses - then Google automatically assigns opticians according to your location in Google Maps and in the regional display in the search results.

Another point, which you need to consider:

The service / product must also be available and offered on the target page.

What are the criteria for the order of display?

Google uses following factorsto set the order of the search results:

  • Relevance
  • Distance
  • Awareness / Significance

Therefore, also pay attention to the quality of your Google entry - the more relevant your website and profile is to the search, the better this is for the order. Likewise, you can increase awareness or importance (e.g. through social media, guest posts on other sites, reports about you, etc.). Please note that not only the direct mention of your service or your business can be captured by Google - also for example a quote or mention as a source can help to strengthen the awareness. Consider here how the trustworthiness is composed in real life - in principle, the same rules apply on the net.

Questions and answers

The reviews from Facebook and other social media channels are automatically taken over by Google if 5 ratings present.

Yes. To do this, use the Manage Locations menu item.

No - the order is determined by Google.

Yes - you can also store a kind of business card in your profile. There are corresponding templates for this directly in the account. This is often sufficient for many service providers.

No - you have to look at the different channels differently. You should always actively edit Google my Business - no matter if you are active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Want someone to maintain and monitor your listing?

We can gladly offer you the setup and maintenance of your Google my Business listing. For this we have different packages ready for you:

One-time review and optimization

  • Inventory visibility
  • Establishment
  • possible verification
  • Testing and adjustment
  • Category selection
  • Determination of suitable keywords
  • Editing your image gallery
  • Assistance for the future

The costs depend on the number of sites.

Setup and ongoing support

like services of the one-time package

  • Adjustments and corrections during the year
  • Monitoring and optimization proposals during the runtime
  • Term annually
  • Combination with our SEO services possible
  • Crediting of the costs of the one-time inspection and set-up possible
  • Monitoring your recessions

The costs depend on the number of sites.


Through Google my Business you can do marketing in a simple and inexpensive way. Even if you don't want to advertise actively, you should create and manage your listing, because wrong or inaccurate information can harm your business and cost your money.