How do I create good content?

Content is king - but how do I create good content?

We are often asked how good content can be created. Especially after Google update such as the Panda update, the topic comes into focus again and again. Since this update, the quality of the content has moved very much into focus.

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What signals help Google find high-quality content?

Basically, the Google Webmaster Guidelines apply. Google uses special algorithms to estimate the quality of the texts. The information provided should be created exclusively for the users. However, we want to give you an overview of how you can question yourself whether your content is also of high quality.

What points should you consider when creating a content?

We would like to give you some assistance, which should help you to create good and high-quality texts. Ask yourself the following questions or have them answered honestly in the environment:
  • Are duplicate or overlapping articles or topics available or keywords that differ only slightly?
  • Would you like the information which gives the article, trust?
  • Is the content rather General or detailed?
  • Who is the target group and is the content also aligned with them?
  • Would you give the site your entrust personal data?
  • Are Spelling mistake available?
  • Can the text read easily and safely or is the language used relatively heavy and boring?
  • If you look at the keyword - would the article reflect the information which the User wishes?
  • Is the text written by yourself or just copied?
  • Where from do the collected analyses come from?
  • Does the article offer a Added value compared to the search results on the first page?
  • How good is the quality control of the website or is there any information about it?
  • Are different aspects been considered?
  • Does it give the feeling that the text was not created individually but by an agency etc.?
  • As a reader, do I get the impression that someone has gone to a lot of trouble?
  • Would you use the Recommend or share article?
  • If you were publishing a magazine or encyclopedia yourself, would you publish the article?
  • Would you be upset if you could no longer find the item?
We hope that the above questions will help you when you create new themes or revise your existing texts. For more information, please visit:


The better you understand your target audience, the better you can deliver information to your customers. 

Your texts should help people. The focus should always be on your customer. Basically, optimize for people - not for machines.

When a Customer no trust and no benefit of your information, then search engines will notice this and your content will be not in the top positions tendrils.

In addition, text revision is a recurring point, because not only you, but also your competitors develop your texts. Likewise, the demands of customers change (just think about the topic of cars or environmental awareness - what has changed here in recent years). Therefore, a regular revision of your texts is necessary from time to time.

We will be happy to help you if you have any questions. You can find more information about our services at Search engine optimization

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