Conversation Rate - definition and how can it be influenced?

Definition and general

The conversation rate is a key figure in e-commerce (electronic commerce) - often abbreviated as CR. It is derived from the English and means conversion rate or conversation rate.

It is used to measure how many users or visitors to a website perform a desired action (e.g. place an order, subscribe to a newsletter, send an inquiry, register in a forum, etc.).

Through them, the success of an online marketing measure can be defined.

Conversion Rate

How do you calculate the conversion rate?

The calculation of the conversion rate is calculated by the following formula:

Visitors who performed the action / all visitors * 100 %

You have 20 orders in your online store / Total 1000 visitors * 100 % = Conversation Rate 2 percent.

Can the conversation rate be influenced?

Yes - there are many ways to influence the conversation rate. We want to give you a couple of examples or ideas:

  • Better experience, navigation and usability - make your interface more user-friendly (appearance, images, loading times, colors, etc.)
  • Offer special offers or promotions
  • Improve the presentation of your offer - check the texts
  • Are your delivery times competitive?
  • Do you offer the same payment options as your competitors or less?
  • Are your prices competitive?
  • Do you have seals or awards that show customers they can trust?
  • Do you also present the advantages to the customer in a perceptible way?
  • Do you offer a special service that your competitors do not? (e.g. free delivery, etc.)
  • What is your online reputation?
  • Are your products up to date?
  • etc.

Where is the conversation rate used everywhere?

Conversation rate is used anywhere you want the customer to take a targeted action. The most common points are:

  • Initiate order
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Support fundraiser
  • Documents / E-Paper download
  • Surveys
  • Advertising banner clicks
  • etc.

What factors can negatively influence the conversation rate?

  • too long loading time
  • too few payment options
  • complicated processes
  • wrong visitor intention
  • Lack of security
  • technical problems
  • Badly placed buttons
  • broken links
  • Captcha queries
  • illegible font
  • False contrast
  • cluttered design
  • incorrect texts
  • Lack of trust from the customer
  • etc.

Does the conversation rate also influence SEO?

Basically, you want to give your target group added value through your Internet presence.

Therefore, the conversation rate can influence your search engine optimization. If you are not achieving your desired metric, or if you notice that the number suddenly deteriorates noticeably, you should analyze why this is the case.

In most cases, a poor conversation rate is also a sign that something is not running smoothly in the SEO area and is in need of optimization.

However, you also have to take into account which search terms are used to determine the respective key figures, as there are seasonal differences. In summer when it is 30 degrees, you are likely to have worse rates for winter clothing or winter tires than in winter.

Does the design of a page influence the conversation rate?

Definitely yes. This is referred to as UX design.

If a design is too confusing or the user cannot build trust in your interface, this will always have a negative impact on the conversation rate. Likewise, poor usability leads to negative visitor experiences and worse numbers (e.g. buttons that are too small, etc.).

Whether you are running a store, an information interface or any other web presence - a good and thoughtful design will help you to Increase success. And that can have enormous consequences.

Invoice before optimization

Visitors per day


Conversation Rate

2 %

Conversations per month


Revenue per sale / lead

EUR 100,-

Sales per month (30 days)

EUR 30,000 / 360,000 per year

Invoice after optimization

Visitors per day


Conversation Rate

2,5 %

Conversations per month


Revenue per sale / lead

EUR 100,-

Sales per month (30 days)

EUR 37,500 / 450,000 per year

You can see that through a Improve conversation rate possibly a enormous growth potential is available. You don't always have to aim for more visitors - rather, you should also consider whether your current visitors can be tapped more effectively.


Always keep an eye on your conversation rate.

It determines the effort in relation to the yield - the worse it is, the more effort you have to put in.

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