Evengreen content is content that is interesting for your target group over a longer period of time. The benefit for the reader is not time-critical. You could also say that evergreen content is content without an expiration date or best-before date.

In the context of content marketing, evergreen content has a special importance, because for SEO they are often like diamonds.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content Examples

Content, which are permanently interesting for the user, are many topics. Here are some examples:

  • Guidebooks and instructions
  • Questions and answers
  • Encyclopedias
  • Interviews
  • Product reports
  • Test
  • "How-to" reports or guides
  • Subject areas
  • Recipes
  • Case study
  • etc.

As you can easily see, these are topics which remain topical in most cases.

A well-known interface that relies on evergreen content is Wikipedia, for example.

How can you find suitable topics?

Evergreen content must be interesting for users over a longer period of time. Therefore, not all topics or issues are suitable for this type of posts.

A simple example:

If you ask: "What's the weather like in Munich" - then the current weather is usually meant. Evergreen content would be unsuitable here.

However, if you take the question: "What is the weather usually like in July? - then it looks different, since here longer periods of time can be accessed (e.g. also statistics of the last 100 years, etc.). Here the topic is more interesting, because the user intention is different. Here, for example, a user could consider when the interesting travel time would be, when an event could be scheduled, etc.

Tips - how do I create evergreen content?

The visual design is always a matter of taste. Basically, you should keep in mind that your target group wants to understand your information - only if your user agrees, then you have reached your goal. Therefore, pay attention to appropriate design aspects.

In terms of content, a lot depends on the topic. There's a difference when you're tackling a DIY topic or medical surgery. When laying a floor, we can talk about a "how-to guide" - when it's about surgery, how to do-it-yourself instructions make little sense. However, here again the 10 most frequently asked questions could be exciting.


Even though we are talking about timeless content - you should always define a time period for yourself by revising and reviewing your content again and again.

You should be aware that there should always be a review and improvement of your content. The reasons for this are:

  • The Requirements of your target group have changed
  • Something has changed with you (e.g. employee change, etc.)
  • Also your Competitor try to become better
  • Changed market situation (e.g., 2019 Corona meant something different than 2020).
  • Changed legal framework
  • Changed customer requirements (e.g. with FAQ)

For the creation there are in principle 2 ways:

  • Content creationwhich is always slightly adjusted
  • Use of previous content with the addition of more current information

What are the benefits of evergreen content?

The question of benefit depends very much on the initial situation. For example, if a remaining stock is to be sold, the consideration is whether targeted ads would not make more sense. The creation of evergreen content is often very labor-intensive. Therefore, this variant is suitable for topics that should create resonance in the long term.


  • long-term response
  • longer effect of the measure
  • Long-term strengthening of branding / building a reputation
  • Higher user confidence
  • Good content may also be recommended / shared by others
  • Good content is more likely to get backlinks than products (except for Affliate)
  • Mostly higher dwell time
  • As a rule, a better bounce rate (bounce rate)


  • labor-intensive
  • longer period until a response is recognizable
  • Review always useful and advisable (especially for very "contested" topics)

What should you consider when creating it?

Basically, your theme should be timeless - that is, still relevant after 6, 12 or 18 months. Further points, which you should consider during the creation:

  • Illuminate the topic like this comprehensive as possible
  • Check if your Article better than Wikipedia or your competitors are
  • Do you have a special focuswhich you illuminate in detail? Superficial articles have little chance
  • Gibe it Sources or further information on the subject?
  • What does your target group want? Here you could for example also read in forums (e.g. about problems, which customers have with the product A or B)
  • Is your post neutral or more of a promotional piece?
  • Do you illuminate advantages and disadvantages?
  • Can I as a user also trust your site? (e.g. seals, awards, etc.)
  • etc.

Which format is suitable?

Like any content, the evergreen content is not bound to a form. Your topic, your starting point, and your target audience play more of a role in defining the format. If you want to reach a young target group for a takeaway item from the supermarket, you usually choose a different approach than for communicating a new treatment method to the relevant specialists.

Different formats can also be combined:

  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • PDF downloads
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Whitepapers
  • Social Media
  • etc.

No matter what form you use:

You need to appeal to your target audience

Only a lighted match can start a fire. And if you think you're too small to reach many, consider sleeping when there's a mosquito in your bedroom. Use your enthusiasm and show your expertise!


By creating evergreen content, it is possible to increase traffic to your site. Besides, you can take measures to improve the loyalty of your clientele.

If you don't shy away from the effort, you have the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and gain a competitive advantage. In the long term, we believe it is particularly important for smaller companies to differentiate themselves from the mass market with additional content. This is a very good way to present your own expertise to the outside world.