The term Facebook Advertising refers to different advertising methods via the social network Facebook.

With Meta or Facebook and all affiliated companies, advertisements can be placed on their own fan pages or on external websites. Here, the target group options can be selected extremely diverse and differentiated.

Facebook Ads

What are the advertising options?

The possibilities that Facebook Advertising offers are very diverse. Below you will find a rough overview, as they are constantly being developed.

Image Ad

Mostly, this is the entry into the world of Facebook advertising. Here you can use an existing post and promote it.

  • Headline 40 characters
  • Link description max. 30 characters
  • Primary text: 125 characters
  • possible destinations: all - except video calls

Video Ad

Videos can be placed in the feed and in Stories. On Facebook, the videos can be longer than on Instagram. This variant is often used to promote a current offer.

It doesn't always have to be movies - existing images can also be converted to video.

  • Headline 40 characters
  • Link description max. 30 characters
  • Primary text: 125 characters
  • Possible targets: all - except catalog sales

Poll Ad

With a poll ad, image or video ads are provided with two response options. Custom link targets can be specified for each response.

Works only on mobile devices.

Slideshow Ad

Here you can create a new video ad from images, texts or video clips.

Most often, the displays stand out due to a conspicuous movement. In addition, they are faster Than other displays loadedwhich leads to higher user satisfaction, especially with poor Internet connections.

Likewise Music and lyrics can be supplemented. The control is done via the Ad Manager.

  • Headline 25 characters
  • Link description max. 30 characters
  • Primary text: 125 characters
  • possible destinations: all


Carousel Ad

Up to ten images or videos can be used in a Carousel Ad.

This format is used when:

  • various advantages of a product are to be presented
  • several products are to be presented at once
  • several products / services are to be offered together with a panoramic image

Any Photo or video can be linked with your own provided. In addition, a "Shop Now" button can be used to link directly to the purchase page for the respective product.

  • Headline 40 characters
  • Link description max. 20 characters
  • Primary text: 125 characters

Collection Ad

Collecion Ad are offered only for mobile devices. It creates a presentation of five photos or videos that customers can click on to purchase a product or service.

Collection Ads can be combined with other services, so that users can use the products be able to buy without leaving Facebook.

The main photo or video can introduce much more than a single product.

  • Headline 40 characters
  • Link description no info known
  • Primary text: 125 characters
  • possible destinations:
    Traffic / Conversations / Sales

Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experience Ads evolved from the former Canvas. They are Ads in fullscreen formatwhich are loaded extremely quickly.

  • Text blocks up to 500 characters
  • Primary text: 125 characters
  • possible targets: Traffic, app installs, conversations, latest info / news.

Dynamic Ad

Dynamic Ads advertise products / services according to targeted criteria.

Let's assume that someone has placed a product in the shopping cart on your website - but has not ordered it. With Dynamic Ad, this product can be specifically advertised to the user, so that the purchase may be completed after all. Likewise, a targeted alternative could be advertised.

Lead Ad

Lead Ads are specifically designed to Contact information without much typing workt can be transmitted.

They are ideal for newsletter subscriptions, contacting or requesting info / trial versions, etc.

Stories Ad

Stories Ad are ads which are only for cell phones and fill the screen vertically.

The video completely carves out the screen - without the user having to turn their phone.

  • Text: 250 pixels should be left free above and below the image
  • possible targets: all - except interactions and store traffic

Messenger Ad

Here, targeted ads can be placed via the messanger service. These are then displayed on Whatsapp to the user according to your defined target group.

How do I advertise on Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook interfaces is one of the most efficient ways for online advertising. However, you should also pay attention to some points.

Is Facebook & Instagram the right way for your business?

Advertising on Facebook does not make sense for every business model. It must be weighed up whether other measures, such as local SEO, do not make more sense for your business model. In addition, it must be taken into account that the target group has special requirements.

It should also be taken into account that accompanying measures, such as maintaining your social media presence, are often necessary to create successful markteting activities. This time expenditure should be taken into account.

Another point is that a pure "social media optimization" is not enough on its own. What good is a super profile if your own website is not maintained and up to date? It should all surface with considered in your strategy.

What are the demands of your target group?

Take into account that your target group does not actually have any purchase intention when using social media. Users actually want to have fun, watch videos, see what friends or acquaintances are doing. Users want to get new impulses or be entertained.

Therefore, it is important to be aware that you have to act a little differently than when you directly advertise a product on Google or in a newspaper.

Who is your target audience?

A big advantage of Facebook Advertisting is the relatively extensive option to define your target audience. Therefore, you should think carefully about who your target audience is.

If you know your target group, you can also analyze when your target group is active. When planning the ads, you should take this into account so that you use your budget effectively accordingly. Let's take an example of a dentist: What intention will a user have who is looking for a dentist in the vicinity at 1 or 2 o'clock at night? Will he really be interested in a professional dental cleaning or does he rather want to know where he can get an appointment quickly or if and where there is an emergency service?

Detailed targeting

You can include or exclude targeted individuals based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Here you can go into great detail, for example, targeting people who are interested in both gas grilling and sauces, but excluding those who are passionate about vegan grilling.


People who already have a connection to your Facebook page, Instagram profile, app, or an event you are hosting can be targeted or hidden. This makes it possible to target a new audience. In this case, select "Exclude people who like your page".

On the other hand, you can also promote a specific offer or new product to existing fans. This allows you to better retain existing customers. If this is desired, select "People who like your page".

Likewise, it is possible to target friends of people who have already interacted with your brand.

What budget do you want to use?

Think about what budget you want to use. You can set this accordingly when creating your ad.

What is the cost of advertising on Facebook?

The cost of advertising on Facebook depends on the following factors:

  • Timing & timing - Day, month and sometimes even hours influence the cost
  • Bidding strategy
  • Placement - the more desirable, the more expensive
  • Ad relevance - the more relevance, the better - the worse the ad, the more expensive
  • Target group - the more sought-after the target group, the more expensive

What am I willing to invest?

Every togetherness also means a certain amount of work for each individual. Are you willing to invest time as well?


Facebook Advertising can be a useful part of your digital marketing. However, it is not a circuit in the classic sense.

We are happy to help you integrate Facebook, Instagram, etc. into your concept in a meaningful way