Facebook Fanpage is like a small website within Facebook. There are different categories for organizations, companies or artists. Customers or fans can get in touch with a provider via the fan page.

Facebook Fanpage

What are the categories for fanpages?

Facebook has become a fundamental part of marketing for many providers. A Facebook Fanpage is suitable for the following headings:

  • Local company
  • Special place (for example, excursion destinations)
  • Company, organization or institution
  • Brand
  • Products
  • Artist
  • Bands
  • public persons
  • Entertainment
  • Good purpose or community

How does a fan page differ from a Facebook profile?

A Facebook profile is for Private individuals. It must be with a real Names be created. A Fanpage on the other hand is a page is for Companies, organizations, brands or for famous personalities. In a fan page, the administrator manages the page - this person must have a profile on Facebook.

What information can I enter on a fan page?

To create a fan page, you need a profile on Facebook.

Address, opening hours and product details are the first important information that is immediately communicated to users. As an artist, band or public person biographies can be deposited. Please take the greatest possible care here, as this information represents your business card. Your introduction and short description will give your future customers a first impression of your company.

Page name

Here you must enter the name of the company, organization, etc.


Here you can specify up to 3 categories.

create fanpage

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fan page?


  • You must be aware that there are labor-intensive can be
  • You should superiorwhat you want to communicate
  • You must take into account that you Interact with your fans need
  • Nothing is worse than orphaned or neglected fanpages
  • Social media always brings the danger of getting a Shitstorm can harvest


  • simple Establishment
  • free of charge
  • Free selection at the communicated contents
  • no technical knowledge necessary
  • News and interesting info can fast and free of charge be spread
  • a High range is possible

What work is involved and how do I make my fan page successful?

Good content is the foundation for your success. Think about how you want to be perceived. Every post, every picture, etc. contributes to your external impact! It is better not to communicate at all than to be perceived incorrectly!

Basically, consider why your target audience uses social media!

Your own homepage provides a good basis for interesting topics. Supplementary or current information on the individual publications can be communicated here (e.g. an award, a test result, etc.).

For this purpose, there is also the option on Facebook to plan posts in advance. This can also be used to create an editorial plan, so that forward-looking work is possible. It makes sense to always generate a certain amount of background noise in addition to current topics. Facebook advertising can also be combined.

In the beginning, it was possible to build up a large reach purely through good posts - but today this is rarely the case.

Do fanpages also influence my SEO?

In principle, search engines like Google can also evaluate the traffic generated via social media. These are so-called social signals. Therefore, the activities in the social media area should always be combined with your SEO. This has the following reasons:

1.) The traffic via social media is evaluated

2.) Your activities in the social media can influence your trustworthiness

3) It is always the user's satisfaction that counts - if you do not meet the user's expectation, this can lead to a deterioration of the ranking results.

4) Bad user experience means negative ranking signals for search engines.

Your users must be satisfied!