Google Search Console - function, data and usage

Definition and general

Google Search Console (GSC for short) is a free tool from Google. It helps webmasters to monitor the position of their website in the search results. The current version evolved from the former Webmaster Tools.

It provides a lot of data and information. Search Console provides insight into user visitor metrics. It shows how Google sees the website. In addition, the tool offers the possibility that errors and improvement potentials of the website can be identified.

Google sends messages regarding their website to the respective webmasters via the Console (such as notices of hacker attacks, malware warnings, manual penalties, etc.). It can help you optimize your website content, as it provides important data for your SEO.

Why does Google provide data?

Google wants websites to be solidly programmed. Moreover, they don't want pages with errors.

The reason for this is in their own interest:

Only those who display high-quality and reliable results in the search results also have added value for the user. If one would deliver bad search results, the user will switch to other providers. And only if the number of users is high, Google can earn money through Google Ads or AdSense.

How can the Google Search Console be used?

First, the website in question must be registered with Google Search Console.

To submit a web page (designated in the Console Property) an active Google account is necessary.

In Search Console, select Add Property and then select the appropriate type (URL Prefix is most commonly used, as different methods of verification can be used here).

After registration, the website must be verified so that the respective data is prevented from being read by unauthorized persons. Different options are available for the verification:

  • Tag Manager
  • HTML file
  • Link with Google Analytics account (of the same page)
Proberty Add

Once the website is verified, Google

What features does Google Search Control offer?

Basically, you have the following items available in your Google Search Console (you may not have all items displayed (e.g. FAQs are only displayed if also available on the website):

Update June 2021:

As of now, Google provides the Search Console Insights. This informs the webmaster about the search terms with which the users have come to the respective website and how often. A link with Google Analytics is also possible here.


A general overview is displayed here.


Here you can see how often results of yours are displayed, what clicks you got, what position you had in Google search, etc. - the area is super interesting for your SEO.

URL check

Here you can specifically check a single URL of you.


Errors, valid and excluded pages are displayed. If Google's crawl finds an error in your website, these are automatically stored here. So you can find corresponding crawl errors. If you check this regularly, you will know if Google has indexed new content from you.


Here you can send a valid sitemap to Google. You can also see when it was last accessed. The deposit of a sitemap is especially important for a new website. By storing the sitemap in Search Console, Google can automatically add the new page to the index.


If you want to have a URL or outdated content removed from the search index.

Pages behavior

Here you can see an overview of your pages, whether they are user-friendly and user-friendliness signals.

User friendliness

Core Web Vitals

Here you can see usage values of users, which Google has collected for example from the Chrome browser of website visitors. These values are real values and can be used to optimize the speed of your website.

Usability on mobile devices

Is your content also usable on mobile devices? If Google has suggestions for improvement (for example, that buttons are too close to each other), you will find appropriate notes in this section.

Navigation paths

Here you can see if there are any problems or anomalies in your website hierarchy.


Here you can see which rich search results Google has found and accepted. Also listed are pages where there are problems.

Sitelinks search box

Here you can see if users can search directly on the search results page on your website or app via a Sitelinks search box.

Manual measures

If Google has pronounced manual measures against you, you will find the corresponding notices here.

Security issues

If Google detects security issues or a hacking attack on your site, notices are provided in this section.

Navigation Search Console


In this section you will find all the information about your links:
  • External links pointing to your website
  • Top referring websites
  • Top referring text
  • Internal links


Here you can store corresponding settings for your account, add further users or store a change of address in case of a domain change.

How can I use Google Search Console for SEO?

The Google Search Console provides a lot of individual data. Basically, you can use the power by searching for specific information:

  • Which pages rank but have a poor click-through rate?
  • Which pages rank, but have a poor position?
  • Are there any conspicuities between the individual search devices (desktop / mobile)?
  • Which pages have a good position, a good click-through rate - but I don't get any requests
  • Are there any pages which are superfluous for me?
  • Will I show up for the right searches?
  • etc.

You can also filter this data by clicking on the 3 superimposed dashes above the right column in the power area.


About Search Console Insights you can also check whether your users also find you via the keywords you have in mind.

From the evaluation of the keyword, conclusions can be drawn about your content, so that you can specifically improve your conversation rate or click-through rate.

In our eyes, Search Console is one of the most important foundations for good and effective search engine optimization.


Use Google Search Control.

Sign up - the Console is free and can help you improve your website. You should definitely use Search Console.

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