SERP Features - Search Engine Result Pages & Options

SERP is the English abbreviation for Search Engine Result Pages - i.e. the search results page. This is where the results of a search are listed. In addition to the organic ranking results, there are also other components that are displayed to the searcher depending on the search for his result:

  • Rich Snipptes
  • Direct Answers
  • Results from the Knowledge Graph
  • What have others been looking for?
  • Videos
  • Reviews
  • Searchbox for certain pages
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Featured Snipptes
  • Google Shopping results
  • Locale My Business results
  • Ads (Show)
  • Images
  • Related search
SERP features

Interesting SERP Features & SEO

Google Image Search

In Google Image Search, you get a thumbnail overview of the different results in advance. By clicking on it, additional information about the original website is displayed. If the images are interesting, this could generate traffic for your website.

This system is also used to generate traffic via interfaces that use images, such as Pinterest or Instagram.


If you operate in niches, then YouTube videos might rank relatively well. You can also include them in your own website - if they are well done, other surfaces will also use the created videos.

If videos are integrated into your own page, "time-on-site" is improved, which has a positive effect on your ranking.

Direct Answer

Direct Answer are tools where an answer is given directly in the search results page. We are often asked whether it then makes sense to program them. Yes, if you give the user a short answer and make him curious for more information. This increases the probability that the user will subsequently go to the desired target page.

Reply boxes

Google draws on various sources of information. When it comes to a company, the data from Google My Business is often used. Basically, you should try to provide consistent information on the net and maintain a positive reputation.

Google my Business

Basically, your entry can give your future customers information about your company. Likewise, evaluations or experience reports are possible.

Featured Snipptes

Featured Snippets means "highlighted snippets" in German. Here the user can be given direct answers to his search. The super interesting thing here is that this snippet is displayed above the organic results (called position zero).

Do SERP features differentiate mobile and desktop?

This depends on the search area. The design of the display is also differentiated. Therefore, the optical perception is certainly different.

Doesn't the use of featured snippets, etc., reduce traffic?

The question is justified, but it should not be the big point of discussion. In our eyes, this has the following reason:

It is not the technology that is good or bad, but how you use the technology. If we actively work with the new possibilities, it will always be a positive point for us. At the first moment you lose traffic - but you also have the opportunity to generate new ones. It will be a different work than before. The question is rather, who is ready and who uses the possibilities most cleverly.

Which SERP features should I serve?

Which SERP features make sense for you cannot be answered in a general way. Basically, the following factors influence the SERP features to be selected accordingly:

  • Branch
  • Keywords (here there are strong differences between singular and plural)
  • Changes on Google
  • Mobile or desktopUse
  • Region

As part of your competitor and website analysis, you can learn if and which SERP features are being used in your sector.

Development in the last 3 months (as of 07.12.2020)

Development SERP 09-12/2020
Development SERP 09-12/2020

Comparison Desktop / Mobile 2020

History Ratio Serp Feature Germany Desktop 2020
History Ratio Serp Feature Germany Desktop 2020
SERP Representation Mobile History 2020
SERP Representation Mobile History 2020

We ourselves use for the Analysis the Searchmetrics Suite - this allows us to target your Potiential find - as well as your Watch competitors and respond to changes in a timely and targeted manner.


Not only the text of a website can generate traffic for your website. Rather, today there are a variety of ways to generate additional traffic despite a high market density - it does not always have to be Adwords. Especially for small websites, the use of SERP features can be a component of success.

We will be happy to help you be more successful with your website.