Sitelinks - Definition & Differences

What are sitelinks? Can they be influenced? Learn more.

Definition and general

Sitelinks are the displayed links in the search results page that lead to other sections or areas of a web page. They are one of the most frequently used search features.

They often appear with a brand term or company name - but also with many other queries such as information queries.


Are there different sitelinks?

Due to the further developments of search engines, there have also been major changes in the area of sitelinks. Google changes the appearance, the number or even the content relatively often. Nevertheless, I want to briefly discuss the different areas:

Organic sitelinks

Organic sitelinks are often displayed for brand-related keywords. They currently contain up to six sitelinks to areas on your website. They appear only in the top search result.

Organic search box sitelink

The search box is displayed directly in the search result. Users can generate results directly for a website or app and jump directly to the target.

Organic search fields are added automatically by Google.

By integrating structured data for a Sitelinks search box, you can help Google understand the page. It is not mandatory.

Organic single line sitelink

Single-line sitelinks appear for a wide variety of queries. The most common are up to four sitelinks - however, a carousel can also be displayed.

These sitelinks can lead to other pages on a website or directly to the content of a page (using fragment (#) links ).

Paid sitelinks

The biggest difference between paid sitelinks and other types of sitelinks is that text and the URLs can be influenced with the Google ads. Other types of sitelinks are generated automatically and rely on algorithms to determine the content.

What advantage do I have when sitelinks are displayed?

If sitelinks are displayed for a result, the probability that your search result will be clicked on increases enormously.

The reasons are:

  • They are visually more striking
  • They are larger than the other viewfinders
  • They are automatically rated as more valuable by users

The better the visibility, the more likely your customer will read your information

Can you influence sitelinks?

In the past, it was possible to invalidate individual pages in Google Search Console. This is no longer possible today. The sitelinks are created and generated by an algorithm. This means that direct influence is no longer possible. 

How can you influence the algorithm?

Influence is actually the wrong term in my eyes. Let's rather look at the individual components that are taken into account when creating sitelinks.

Website structure

Create a website architecture, which also helps Google to structure the individual information

Internal link structure

Depending on how an individual page is linked in the website, influences the rating. For this purpose, the anchor texts also play a role.

Noindex data

If pages are not indexed or should not be indexed, they will not appear in the sitelinks.

A noindex on your own site is rarely recommended.

Desired distance

You don't want a sitelink search box to be displayed?

Use the following day in your Head area:
<meta name=“google“ content=“nositelinkssearchbox“ />

How relevant and useful is your information?

The user's experience and search intention also play a role here. Please note the following points:

  1. Use Headings and possibly a table of contentswhich help to understand the context
  2. Note the hreflang tag - here you can help Google to better match your content via language and country settings
  3. Think about the Search intentions of your target group to
  4. It is also possible that the respective click rates the displayed pages (is suspected - but not officially confirmed)


Sitelinks cannot simply be created or generated. Rather, many different factors play a role in the generation. In our eyes, you "earn" Sitelinks, because only when you provide high-quality and qualitative information, which also helps the user - only then you will be rewarded with an additional and increased visibility in the search engines.


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