Domain Rating / Website Authority

Definition and general

Website authority is meant to describe the strength of a domain. It is not a firmly defined quantity. Rather, the term has become ingrained in the SEO world over time - similar to the term Tempo for paper tissues.

Domain Rating = Strength & Trustworthiness of a Domain

Most often, a website's "authority" refers to a combination of different metrics compared to competitors.

A website with a high Website Authority usually also has a high Link authority. In this case, we speak of PageAuthority or LinkAuthority.

Domain Rating

Google spokespeople regularly deny that Google uses "domain authority" as a ranking factor.

According to John Mueller (Google), however, they use factors at the domain level, which in principle go in the same direction.

What factors influence website authority?

The strength and credibility of a website is made up of many different factors - just like in real life. In the offline world, too, many individual points influence your reputation.

OnPage factors

  • Keywords in the titles of the URLs
  • Headline structure of your content and the use of important keywords
  • Number and density of your keywords
  • Use of your alt texts with your images

OffPage factors

  • Did your link structure come about naturally?
  • Where do your inbound links come from? The more trustworthy the referring domain, the better for you.
  • Number of incoming links in relation to your competitors
  • Is only one page linked or also different subpages?
  • What types of links point to you?
  • How high quality are your outbound links?
  • What are the social signals?
  • Where and in what environment are you mentioned?
  • What are your reputations?
  • Do you have contributions from well-known authors?

How can I improve my domain rating?

The better and the higher your domain is rated, the better it is. However, domain rating cannot be considered as an absolute number - that is, it cannot be a goal to reach 65, 68, 85 or other numbers.

An authority is usually a naturally grown website. Make a name for yourself over time. The older a domain is, the higher the chance that it will become an authority. However, a young site can also become an authority. It's up to you - the more competent and the better you serve the needs of your target audience, the more likely you are to gain trust from your future customers.


Becoming a significant and trusted domain is not a "piece of cake" - it takes diligence and work. Becoming a trusted domain is not a quick fix - rather, it is the result of working honestly and purposefully over the long term to further develop your content.

If a vendor or agency tells you otherwise - don't bother.


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