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With our video tutorials we want to give you help on the topic of SEO. We want to help you that you can use the possibilities of the Internet sensibly and purposefully.

Video instructions

Basics SEO

In this section you will find videos around the basics of SEO, so you can get a rough overview of how and what all is necessary for a successful activity on the net.

SEO easily explained

SEO Basics Part 2 Metrics & KPIs

Online reputation management

Online reputation management encompasses all activities that can influence how your company or brand is portrayed on the Internet. What do customers see when they Google your company? How do you react to negative reporting? And how can you prepare for a possible shitstorm?

Design / user signals, etc.

Basically, the relevance of the search results is important for the ranking. Many websites have a lot of information on them - but users often don't find it. However, search engines can evaluate how the user behaves on your website. Therefore, a sensible and user-oriented design is one of the basics for a successful activity.

SEO & UX: These user signals are really ranking relevant

Create customer experiences

Content & Contents

How do you create relavant and SEO optimized texts and content?

SEO content is dead - content must rank and convert!

The optimal workflow for your content creation

More love for your own website!

SEO in Corona times with Christian B. Schmidt

Is there a gender bias in fashion e-commerce? With Tina Lange & Björn Darko

SEOPRESSO - 10x Content with Thomas Hefke & Björn Darko