Content marketing - goals, forms & avoidable mistakes

Only a meaningful and good content brings added value!

Content marketing is a strategy of advertising, which focuses on relevant and valuable content, which focuses on previously defined target group. The goal of this online marketing is to develop interesting target groups or customers and to generate correspondingly profitable actions. In principle, you can call it a guidebook, idea book, etc. - only digital.

Content marketing

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What goals can be pursued with content marketing?

Basically, the goal of content marketing is to achieve added value for the target group and, at the same time, to improve inbound marketing. The following goals are often pursued through this:

  • Modify image of your company
  • Improve image
  • win new customers
  • Increase awareness of your brand

What are the different forms of content marketing?

In contrast to advertising, this form of marketing strategy does not use advertising content or information. Instead, high-quality and informative content is provided.

Forms of content marketing include:

  • Instructions
  • Infographics
  • Encyclopedias
  • Forums
  • Blog posts
  • Surveys
  • Studies
  • Whitepaper
  • E-books
  • Test areas
  • etc.


A wide variety of Internet channels can be used to communicate your content:

  • Texts
  • Prodcast
  • Social Media
  • Video marketing / YouTube
  • Games
  • etc.
Content marketing types

How do I create a content marketing plan?

Content marketing plan

With the Content marketing strategy is given a rough direction of where you want your future to go. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • Why do you want to achieve the goal?
  • Roughly, how do you envision reaching your goal?

In a Content plan concrete actions are described to turn the strategy into reality. The following questions are answered:

  • What do you want to do?
  • How do you want to implement it?
  • When do you want to implement it?

If you have no plan at all where you want to go, then you won't be able to think about the shortest or best way to get there. If you don't know where you want to go on vacation, then you won't be able to decide what all you should pack in your suitcase. Moreover, you will also not be able to consider how best to get to your desired vacation spot.

Therefore, a solid content marketing strategy and a sensible plan is the basis of all further steps.

Set your goal!

Here are some questions and tips which may help you reach your goal:

  • Do you want more people to use your Know brand or your company?
  • Do you want more visitors on your website?
  • Do you want more interested parties / leads / subscribers?
  • Do you want your Customers stay longer or buy more often?
  • Do you want a Customer buys more than before?
  • Do you want your Improve reputation?
  • Do you want Unique selling proposition have?

Please note that you do not define all the points. Sure - more customers who buy more often - everyone likes that. However, you should focus on one goal first. You can also sort the questions by priority and focus on the most important point.

Why is content marketing important?

Users of the Internet want concrete and truly relevant information on their questions. That is exactly the approach. The better you prepare the information for the user and make it understandable, the higher the benefit for the user - in turn, you also receive a positive rating from the corresponding target group.

Here are some examples of what content marketing can be:

Do you know the recipes on Dr. Oetker's packaging? That is exactly an example of good content marketing. Rewe, Aldi, etc. now also offer many recipes. Through this, not only the product, but also the application or the possibilities are given to the customer, what is possible with the product. One provides ideas, etc.

Or consider Obi or Hornbach - here videos, guides, etc. are used so that the do-it-yourselfer receives assistance.

How can content marketing be realized?

Basically, there are many different ways in which content marketing can be realized. These always depend on your structure, your product, the possibilities and the defined content strategy. Even small steps are helpful to get better online.

However, we want to give you an overview of which building blocks or content formats are often used.

Video content & moving images

Not everyone always wants to read - many people prefer to get information through moving images. Moreover, for example, tips, ideas, examples, etc. can be easily explained through their videos. For example, they can show how something is done - for example, a garden center can show how to cut fruit trees. Videos are most often communicated on YouTube - however, they can also be published on other social media channels.

Use of social media

Here you can quickly and easily comment on current topics. Or you can provide ideas and suggestions via Pinterest, for example, which will help the user. Let's take a DIY store, interior designer, carpenter, etc. who publishes realized projects. In principle, social media marketing is nothing other than publishing the corresponding magazines (e.g. Schöner Wohnen, etc.).

Use Google my Business

Here you can, for example, provide assistance and current information by using the posts. Or you can publish pictures of realized projects in your profile, etc.

Content marketing is an online PR measure that helps customers and you further. You can compare it with corresponding magazines - the information or help is transformed into the online world. Moreover, the possibilities are much more extensive and flexible. Content marketing campaigns can support and strengthen your classic advertising with good content or content.

Does content marketing also support my SEO work?


A resounding yes. High-quality and meaningful content makes for a better user experience. This ensures higher user satisfaction and Google registers this quickly and easily. Likewise, you get better rankings when your target audience gets relevant content from you. Successful content marketing is a building block of search engine optimization.

Are there any tools that can help me create good content?

Yes, you should always search for relevant keywords. Here you can use our Searchmetrics Suite help. Here you can also analyze your competitors accordingly, so that you can offer your potential customers added value and better present your know-how. In addition, you can search the Google search results or corresponding hashtags in the social networks.

This is the basis for creating good content.

Once these have been defined, you should prepare the corresponding topic in a high-quality manner - depending on your chosen strategy in images, text or as video content.

If you create texts, so you can use, for example, our Content Experience Module use

Content editor

What are the most common beginner mistakes in content marketing?

In practice, we most often encounter the following errors:

  • It does not take into account the use of mobile devices
  • Online videos are lengthy and too many foreign words are used
  • The content is not exciting for the target group
  • Definition of webspam by exaggerated call-to-action or mass content production
  • Success should be achieved in the shortest possible time - content marketing is not something to be done quickly on the side.
  • Excessive or incorrect use of social media

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