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Basic information about keywords

Basically, a keyword is a text unit. It can consist of letters or numbers. It is a common term, which stands in connection with the available information. In the field of SEO is also alternatively spoken of the search term, keyword or keyword.

Keyword Search / Research

Is what we think also what the customer is looking for?

Why are keywords important?

Search engines consider the term entered by the searcher in a search query as a keyword. This keyword is then matched with the existing database of the search engine using search algorithms and a results page (the so-called SERP = search results page) is created.

Depending on the relevance, this may or may not display the content of your website. Therefore, the selection of relevant search terms is an important part of the analysis and further development of your website.

Are there different forms of keywords?

Yes - basically keywords are divided into different areas.

Money Keyword

Examples include "offers online", "leasing a vehicle", etc.

Brand Keywords

These keywords refer directly to a brand name - e.g. Puma, Adidias, BMW, Audi, etc.

Combined from Money & Brand

These are combinations from the areas of Money & Brand - for example leasing BMW cheaply

More keywords

Everything that does not fit into the other 3 areas

Further differentiations

Long Tail Keyword

Long-tail search queries are more complex or longer search queries - for example, "cheap travel vacation with child Italy".

Short-Tail Keywords

Short-tail search queries are called short-tail - they usually have a higher monthly search volume than the long-tail keywords. However, the competition is usually also much higher.

What intentions can lie behind a keyword?

Transactional keywords

In a transactional search, there is an explicit action behind the search query. Examples include placing an order, booking, making an appointment, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading files, or any other transaction.

Navigational keywords

Navigational search is performed using keywords that have a direct link to a website, brand name, company or specific internet page that the user wants to reach (e.g.

Informal keywords / search queries

In informal searches, the user wants to have questions answered, acquire new knowledge, or find a specific piece of information. Examples of this are instructions, tips and tricks, news, weather, etc. It must be taken into account here that search engines are increasingly providing direct answers to informal keywords directly (e.g. weather). In addition, these keywords often have high bounce rates, which can have a negative impact on the ranking.

Is it enough that I align my content with a keyword?

No - pure keyword optimization has been a thing of the past for some time now. Meanwhile, keyword clusters are important.

What are keyword clusters?

A keyword cluster consists of one or more search terms. These are in a defined dependency to each other. This connection between keywords form common properties. This allows keywords to be structured accordingly. Through this the following can be achieved:

  • Comparability with competitors
  • Easier analysis
  • More transparent tracking

In the SEO field, search engines can draw conclusions about the trustworthiness of a website by the context of the individual terms. Therefore, it makes sense to analyze the content of your website according to relevance to the individual search terms.

How do I find relevant and new keywords?

There are different options for keyword analysis:

  1. Use of Google Suggest (function of the Google search engine - display of frequently searched terms in the auto-complete)
  2. Use of Google Ad Keyword Planner or Bing Ads
  3. Use of software tools (e.g. from Serchmetrics)

We ourselves use different systems to analyze and possibly add to the existing keywords.

Keywords in onpage optimization

Onpage optimization is about making search engines understand that the content is about certain keywords or their alternative search terms. However, it must be taken into account that people must subsequently read and understand the information.

Off-page and keywords

This is about how a content is referenced. You can compare it with a table of contents of a book.


Keywords are the be-all and end-all of a website - nothing works without them. However, many different aspects have to be taken into account here. It is also a challenge for search engines, as a machine has to find out what the searcher wants to achieve with his expression.

Here is an example:

Search query "fat off

What information is being sought?

  • Remove grease from clothes?
  • Getting grease off a surface?
  • The seeker wants to lose weight?
  • The seeker wants to have liposuction?
  • Someone wants to know how to let someone "get their fat"?

Here it is our task to help the search engine. In addition, terms can differ seasonally - this should be taken into account when creating text and optimizing your website.

Incidentally, interesting keywords can also be ideas for posts in social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) - let's take the word heat wave for example - here you can provide assistance on what to currently do or pay attention to during special weather conditions.

We are happy to help you. Use our keyword research service or our keyword monitoring service

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