Legal security for your website / online store

We make sure that you can take care of your core competence without worries

Are you looking for an option for a legally secure presence on the Internet including an attorney liability assumption? We can offer you legal security for your website or online store.

Take advantage of our cooperation with IT-Recht-Kanzlei

Unfortunately, the topic of warnings is also a side effect of today's business on the Internet. Likewise, many legal principles have been newly formed or changed in recent years. New technologies and new usage habits also require new regulations.

However, we can also offer you help. Through our years of cooperation with the IT Law Firm, we can offer you many different packages so that you can run your online presence worry-free.

Legal security for your website / online store

Make your website legally compliant!

Through our cooperation we can offer you high quality and secure packages for your webshop or your internet presence.

Beneficiaries of our protection packages

Always up to date

Update service included

Warning safe & individual

We can also create customized offers

Short contract terms

We want to convince through performance - short minimum contract periods

Cancellable monthly

Can be cancelled monthly after the minimum contract period

Special packages for websites

We also have special offers for websites / blogs that do not operate an online store (e.g. homepages of doctors, clinics, etc.).

Basic benefits of the protection packages

  1. Protection and advice at the highest level
  2. Experience: Already more than 30,000 companies secured by legal texts
  3. Quality and fast response times
  4. Optionally possible: Legal support in case of account blocking
  5. Professional Cookie Consent Tools
  6. Regular, technology-based review of your presence
  7. GDPR protection incl. GDPR-compliant processing directory generator, samples and action instructions

Legal texts for your online sales

m Starter" package an internet presence (e.g.,, Facebook or own online store etc.) for the sale of goods is secured by our warning-proof legal texts. This includes:

  • General terms and conditions
  • Cancellation policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Imprint
Legal texts

At Package "Premium up to 5 internet presences operated by you (same imprint) for the sale of goods are protected by our warning-proof legal texts.

At Unlimited" package 50 websites operated by you (same imprint) for the sale of goods are covered by our warning-proof legal texts. This also includes various foreign language legal texts for Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, as lawyers, IT-Kanzlei - like other law firms - is liable for the consulting services within the scope of the applicable lawyer's duty of care, so that our full liability also exists for the legal texts provided to you.

In addition, corresponding country-specific legal texts are also offered via worldwide sales (from the Premium package also in foreign languages). Likewise, an automated update of the ABGs is possible via corresponding interfaces.

Special packages for doctors & clinics

In addition to the above packages, we also have special packages for a legally compliant privacy policy and a legally compliant imprint including the legal liability assumption.

Services in the event of a warning

Designing a legally compliant website / online store

Despite the best precautions and checks, it is still possible that a warning letter will arrive at the house. But here, too, the packages can help.

In the event of a warning, you will receive advice and representation from a specialized lawyer. Likewise, cease-and-desist declarations can be examined in the Unlimited package.  

The IT-Recht Kanzlei is of course liable - like any law firm - for the legal advice it provides. Should you receive a justified warning notice under competition law due to incorrect advice from our law firm, we will of course indemnify you against any damages incurred. This includes in particular the assumption of warning costs. If the reason for the legal dispute is incorrect advice by the IT law firm, we will of course bear the costs of the IT law firm and the costs of the opposing lawyer's side and the court costs (on a pro rata basis) if there is sufficient prospect of success of the legal defense and if you are (partially) defeated in the course of the legal proceedings.

Can I also have my website or online store audited?

An intensive check of your online presence is included in the Unlimited package and higher.

More than 120 test criteria are taken into account. You will receive a personal contact person and a documented audit including legal liability.

If you want to have your presence or your store checked again (for example, after you have changed a store system or CMS system), this is possible.

What about customer rating systems?

Reviews from customers can be a strong selling point - this is exactly what Shopvote's free and professional review widget offers you, which is included in all packages. And beware: In combination with our AGB test mark, this can become a "weapon".

Rating Stars in Google AdWords™ & Google Shopping™

Merchant reviews must be located where customers expect to find them. All reviews are displayed in a way that is readable by search engines. Collected reviews are automatically submitted to Google™ and displayed in Google AdWords™ according to Google's guidelines. This effectively promotes the building of trust in your company. In addition, the reviews can be displayed domain-based in the organic search results.

Rating stars for organic search results

In the organic Google search results, your rating profile will be highlighted by stars.

Verified ratings & protection against abuse

Customers want to be able to trust ratings. For this reason, you are of course offered the option of review verification - this is incredibly important for a review portal.

The internal control in the rating system protects you from misuse of the rating function. In addition, there is always the possibility to report ratings and subject them to additional review.

Collection service included

If - for various reasons - a claim cannot be realized, the collection service is of course free of charge for you. Of course, you can optionally extend the collection service to international receivables management.


Complete packages

We offer you different packages depending on your personal requirements, because you should be able to concentrate on your core competence in peace. Leave the creation and updating of your legal texts to the professionals. Use the following packages for this purpose:

Homepage protection

  • Legally compliant imprint
  • Legally compliant data protection declarations

Complete for online stores & e-commercde

We offer complete packages for online stores and e-commerce websites.

Packages for doctors / clinics & homepages

We offer special packages for physicians and clinics. These include:

  • Legally compliant imprint
  • Legally compliant data protection declarations incl. update service
  • Sample cover letter for a variety of applications (e.g. false evaluations, etc.)


We have special conditions for our SEO clients.

Legal protection for medical websites

Optional packages

Labor law

Especially for companies, IT-Recht Kanzlei offers a professional and lawyer-maintained collection of samples and forms for employment law - for only €7.90 per month. It can be personalized in just a few steps and allows you to reliably implement the essential legal formalities and obligations of employment law without the need for costly legal advice. Valuable accompanying legal information and constant updates complete the service.

Professional removal of unauthorized customer reviews

In close cooperation with its partner "trust1", IT-Recht Kanzlei offers its clients a transparent, personal and above all affordable solution for the effective deletion of unjustified customer ratings for the following rating portals:

  • Google
  • Trustpilot
  • Jameda
  • Kununu

Other rating portals, such as Facebook, will soon be added.

Youth protection

Appoint a youth protection officer for your Internet presence! Contact us!

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years of experience in digital marketing

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fast and effective

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