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Increase your visibility, traffic and sales

Our SEO and content software from Searchmetrics enables you to achieve your goals. Increase your success based on data! Whether research, SEO tracking or content development, with the Searchmetrics Suite you can increase all aspects of your organic search performance.

The Searchmetrics Suite offers you all the features you need so that you can increase your visibility, traffic and revenue.

Searchmetrics Suite

Achieve your goals with our data

What information can you find on this page?

Searchmetrics Suite

Increase your online visibility and maximize your sales!

Which areas does our Searchmetrics Suite solution cover?

Research / market and competition analyses

Understand your market and improve your performance

Global, regional and local insights for each domain provide instant clarity. Analyze SEO visibility and keyword rankings in real time and increase your traffic with detailed market insights.

Content analysis and content optimization

Everything you need to boost your search and content performance

This refers to advertising that places images or audio material on other people's homepages. This form of advertising can be compared to newspaper ads or commercials.

Search Experience - SEO Tracking

Plan and monitor your keywords and your competitors

Get targeted recommendations that lead to success with our advanced SEO keyword tracking. Keep an eye on rankings, market share, competitors and growth potential - for dozens of devices and search engines in over 130 countries.

Determine your customers' search intent and learn if your website is optimized for the right audience. Use relevant content to meet the needs and expectations of your audience. Data-driven market insights enable you to report, prioritize, and optimize in a targeted way - with structured keyword tagging also based on regions, market segments, or product categories.

Site Experience

Improve your website performance

This tool provides you with the appropriate crawler tools and link checkers that give you technical insights through which you can maximize your traffic and sales.

The wide range of versatile crawling setups and automated scheduling ensure regular audits that identify technical obstacles, links and Indexing error disclose - even for JavaScript-based websites.

Identify Risks and opportunities for your pages to fix errors early, before they lead to performance problems. By focusing on key areas with high potential, you can optimize in a targeted way. Take precise action with Insights too:

  • Page speed
  • Website architecture
  • internal links
  • Duplicate Content

Combined with your ranking data, these insights help you effectively improve the performance of your pages.

In addition, you can improve your link structure.

What are the advantages of having access at WM-Onlinemarketing instead of Searchmetrics?

We can offer you the following advantages:

  • Shorter contract terms
  • Full use of the suite - but smaller packages
  • Individual cutting possible
  • Especially interesting for smaller agencies or companies that perform the optimization themselves
  • Individual support possible

Included for our customers - the Searchmetrics Academy

We want you to become successful. For this we help you to become real experts in using Searchmetrics. That's why our customers also have access to the workshops - they learn everything you need to know about search engine optimization and Searchmetrics.

Searchmetrics Yellow Belt

Searchmetrics Yellow Belt

The basic certification for users of the new Suite generation. With particularly compact, easy-to-grasp fundamentals, this certification succinctly provides you with the know-how you need to get started quickly. You will learn the basics and everything you need to get started with successful performance optimization.

  • Administration and navigation in the Searchmetrics platform
  • Clarification of technical terminology
  • Basics for search as well as SERP feature analyses
  • Getting started in project management with the Search Experience

Searchmetrics Green Belt

Searchmetrics Green Belt

Here you will learn in addition to a detailed understanding of the Searchmetrics Search Experience. You will learn how to analyze and improve your content in a targeted way. From market definition to hierarchical result structuring, you will discover the optimization composition of organic rankings, SERP features and search intentions.

  • Analysis methods for professionals, managers and decision makers
  • Deepening of the subareas of the new Searchmetrics platform
  • Best practices for the control of digital assets

Searchmetrics Blue Belt

Searchmetrics Blue Belt

Learn how you can use the Searchmetrics Research Cloud for analyses to determine global key figures on the competitiveness and market performance of websites. This allows you to define your digital search and content strategy, identify potential and prioritize actions.

  • Analyze performance and competitiveness of any website in 30 countries
  • Perform comparisons and gap analysis at the domain, subdomain, URL, or category level
  • Research paid, SERP and keyword potentials and integrate them into your own optimization strategy

Searchmetrics Orange Belt

Searchmetrics Orange Belt

Ideal for content marketers and strategists, want to perform full content gap analysis or create data-driven authoring briefings in under 10 minutes? Learn how to review and edit copy using Insights from Content Workflow. You'll learn:

  • Create the perfect content briefing
  • Making the most of the Content Editor
  • Pulling hidden insights from the Topic Explorer
  • Manage large volumes of briefings and content without losing the overview
  • Integrate the Guidence of the Content Editor directly in Microsoft Word

What does the Searchmetrics Suite cost?

Prices inclusive of VAT. We can also provide you with a customized offer.


Prices incl. VAT.
119,- Monthly
  • Access to the Research Cloud
  • Number of possible users 1
  • 1 individual dashboard
  • Billing period 3 months
  • Additional briefing per briefing EUR 40,-
  • Searchmetrics Academy included


Prices incl. VAT.
299,- Monthly
  • Access to the Research Cloud
  • Number of possible users unlimited
  • custom dashboard unlimited
  • Monthly briefings 5
  • Billing period monthly
  • Additional briefing per 5 briefings EUR 149,-.
  • Searchmetrics Academy included


Prices incl. VAT.
499,- Monthly
  • Access to the Research Cloud
  • Number of possible users unlimited
  • custom dashboard unlimited
  • Monthly briefings 5
  • Keyword monitoring 250 keywords
  • Billing period monthly
  • Additional briefing per 5 briefings EUR 149,-.
  • per 100 Keyword Monitoring EUR 75
  • Searchmetrics Academy included

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Test the software solution for 14 days free of charge. We offer you a free trial account.

What advantages do we offer you?

Individual approach

There is no "one concept" with us - rather, the solution must be based on Tailored to your needs its

years of experience in digital marketing

We have been serving many clients for over 15 years in the field of digital marketing

fast and effective

Especially in this day and age, you have to Fast and flexible can act - that's why our structure is exactly like this

short and lean communication

With us you have One contact personwho is there for you for any question.

Price worth

We are worth our price. But we also say openly when we think the cost/benefit is not there.


We are there for our customers and are guided by their requirements. Often also on Saturday or Sunday.

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