Searchmetrics Suite Content Experience

Analyze and optimize your content and find new opportunities!

What is Searchmetrics Content Experience?

With this module you get everything you need to make your content better and stronger!

Topic Explorer - semantic topics related to your keyword

Good information is present when the content of the respective page provides good and high-quality information. Google no longer evaluates only a keyword, but rather the overall context of the information.

With the Topic Explorer you can do the following:

  • Semantically matching topics find to your keyword
  • Seasonal differences find out
  • The Value of the keywords find out
  • Check what the user's search intention is

Briefings and text optimization with the Content Editor

With the content editor you can create and optimize your texts. The following areas are integrated in the editor:

  • Content Score - how valuable is your content?
  • Testing the Sentence structure
  • Testing the Keyword coverage
  • Display how holistic your text is structured
  • Check for too much Repetitions
  • Review of the Readability
  • Are Plagiarism available on the net?
  • Questions and answers can be integrated

In addition, key dates can be created and tasks can be transferred or assigned to employees.

Content analysis

With the content analysis area you can check your texts and optimize them specifically. Must-have keywords and other points are taken into account.

You can also check the structure of the page (e.g. H1, H2, etc.).


Analyze your project

Here you can analyze your project and compare it with your competitor. A link with web analytics providers (e.g. Google Analytics) is possible.

Also compare your content with the competitors. You can analyze how often your competitors have used relevant keywords, etc.

In addition, it is possible to compare your content with your fellow residents.

For which languages can I optimize content?

New ZealandEnglish
Belgium (soon full functionality)French
Belgium (soon full functionality)Dutch
Brazil (soon full functionality)Portuguese
Denmark (soon full functionality)Danish
New Zealand (full functionality coming soon)English
Netherlands (soon full functionality)Dutch
Nigeria (soon full functionality)English
Poland (soon full functionality)Polish
Portugal (soon full functionality)Portuguese
Romania (soon full functionality)Romanian
Russian Federation (soon full functionality)Russian
Sweden (soon full functionality)Swedish
Slovakia (soon full functionality)Slovak
South AfricaEnglish


With the upper modules you have everything in hand, so that you can target and successfully optimize your website.

And if you wish, we will help you with it. Exactly as it makes sense for you and as you want it! We are also happy to help if you want to support and develop an employee in this area.

More about the Searchmetrics Suite

Searchmetrics Suite Costs

An important question is also what does the Searchmetrics Suite cost. We offer different packages - likewise an individual design is possible.


Prices incl. VAT.
119,- Monthly
  • Access to the Research Cloud
  • Number of possible users 1
  • 1 individual dashboard
  • Billing period 3 months
  • Additional briefing per briefing EUR 40,-


Prices incl. VAT.
299,- Monthly
  • Access to the Research Cloud
  • Number of possible users unlimited
  • custom dashboard unlimited
  • Monthly briefings 5
  • Billing period monthly
  • Additional briefing per 5 briefings EUR 149,-.


Prices incl. VAT.
499,- Monthly
  • Access to the Research Cloud
  • Number of possible users unlimited
  • custom dashboard unlimited
  • Monthly briefings 5
  • Keyword monitoring 250 keywords
  • Billing period monthly
  • Additional briefing per 5 briefings EUR 149,-.
  • per 100 Keyword Monitoring EUR 75

Searchmetrics itself offers the Suite Light and the Suite on the website. The two versions differ in the scope of services (e.g. the Site Experience is not available in the Light version).

What are the advantages of purchasing the Searchmetrics Suite through WM-Onlinemarketing?

We can offer you the following advantages:

  • Shorter contract terms
  • Full use of the suite (no light versions, but full range of functions)
  • Individual services possible
  • Especially interesting for smaller agencies or companies that perform the optimization themselves
  • Individual support possible

What advantages do we offer you?

Individual approach

There is no "one concept" with us - rather, the solution must be based on Tailored to your needs its

years of experience in digital marketing

We have been serving many clients for over 15 years in the field of digital marketing

fast and effective

Especially in this day and age, you have to Fast and flexible can act - that's why our structure is exactly like this

short and lean communication

With us you have One contact personwho is there for you for any question.

Price worth

We are worth our price. But we also say openly when we think the cost/benefit is not there.


We are there for our customers and are guided by their requirements. Often also on Saturday or Sunday.

You have questions or want more information?

We are at your disposal.