Searchmetrics Suite Research Cloud

Analyze your market!

Understand your market!

With the help of the Research Cloud, you can analyze and better understand your market and your competitors.

Image Searchmetrics Suite Research Cloud

Check your competitors or find new keywords

Research Suite

Just search by domain, sudomain, URL or by a keyword - and country specific!

Organic keyword rankings

With this module you can check organic keyword rankings.

You can check any domain.

The following displays and evaluations are possible:

  • Position distribution
  • Winners & Losers
  • Competitive analysis
  • Subdomains
  • Directories

SERP Features Domain

Analyze the SERP features of your competitors or potential customers!

You can analyze the following SERPS:

  • Videos
  • Video carousel
  • Images
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Product Listing
  • AdWords top and bottom
  • Related questions
  • Maps
  • Direct Answer

In addition, differentiation between desktop and mobile is possible.

Paid Rankings

Do you use Google Ads or are you considering using this marketing? Through the Paid Rankings module you can analyze your competitors. You may discover opportunities that you haven't used before. Likewise, you can see the corresponding search volumes and the corresponding cost-per-click.

This allows you to optimize your campaigns or discover new areas!

Mobile Keyword Rankings

Mobile use of the Internet continues to increase. Google also only indexes mobile. Therefore, it makes sense to check and analyze the ranking.

Also compare different domains with each other.


Check your backlink structure and find new opportunities!

With the help of the backlink module you can check your own and your competitors'!

Keyword Research

Through the tool of keyword research you can analyze existing or new keywords.

You can find keyword clusters, similar keywords, seasonality, search volume, etc.

Find new potentials!

Best performing URLs

You want to know which URLs rank strongly or which URLs still have possibilities for development? In this section you will find possible areas which can generate more traffic. Also find winners or losers.

Since not every keyword or URL has the same competitors, competitor analysis by URL is also possible.


With the Searchmetrics Research Cloud you have everything in the palm of your hand, so you can target and successfully optimize your website and find new opportunities.

And if you wish, we will help you with it. Exactly as it makes sense for you and as you want it! We are also happy to help if you want to support and develop an employee in this area.

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