Searchmetrics Suite Search Experience SEO Tracking

Increase search and content performance in a targeted manner

Plan and monitor your keywords & competitors

Get targeted recommendations that lead to success with our advanced SEO keyword tracking. Keep an eye on rankings, market share, competitors and growth potential - for dozens of devices and search engines in over 130 countries.

What can you do with Search Experience or what areas are covered?

With Search Experience, track the keyword performance of your website and your competitors across all markets. Find out what appeals to your target audience and what makes you successful.

Overview of the performance of my keywords

In the overview of the Search Experience Suite of Searchmetrics you will find an overview of the position distribution of your stored keywords. Here you can choose the following options:

  • Keyword distribution historically
  • Average position

Likewise, you can create your market share, Google updates and trend analysis.

Performance of my URLs

If you want to track the trend and development of individual URLs, you can display this accordingly. Likewise, an evaluation of the individual URLs according to the traffic index is possible by creating corresponding favorites.

SERP Feature Report

SERP is the English abbreviation for Search Engine Result Pages. Search results now display more information than just the individual web pages.

You can evaluate which features of your website have success accordingly and continue your optimization accordingly. You can also compare your own features with those of your competitors.

Market Share Report

Do you want to know what your market share is? You can do this in the Market Analysis section. Here you can view the development and the individual market segments.


Through the use of the Searchmetrics Suite Search Experience you can use your Keywords or the content analyze and find development potentials. It is also possible to react to changes at an early stage.

In addition, you can keep an eye on your competitors and thereby gain a clear competitive advantage create

As Agency you can also easily create reports through this, so that your Comprehend customer can how the development is currently.

And if you wish, we will help you with it. Exactly as it makes sense for you and as you want it! We are also happy to help if you want to support and develop an employee in this area.

What advantages do we offer you?

Individual approach

There is no "one concept" with us - rather, the solution must be based on Tailored to your needs its

years of experience in digital marketing

We have been serving many clients for over 15 years in the field of digital marketing

fast and effective

Especially in this day and age, you have to Fast and flexible can act - that's why our structure is exactly like this

short and lean communication

With us you have One contact personwho is there for you for any question.

Price worth

We are worth our price. But we also say openly when we think the cost/benefit is not there.


We are there for our customers and are guided by their requirements. Often also on Saturday or Sunday.

You have questions or want more information?

We are at your disposal.