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Many people talk about SEO - Search Engine Optimization. But what is it actually?

Actually, in our eyes, this topic should not be a discussion. Every single website should give the interested person further information for his question or interest.

What sounds simple is not always so simple, however, because there are many individual factors involved. As a layman, many different aspects are not recognizable at first glance.

Search engines are becoming more and more experienced and can therefore judge the intention of the searcher better and better. We want to give you a rough overview of the individual factors that influence the ranking of your website.

What affects your search engine ranking?

The following points are a rough overview - Google now assumes over 200 different factors that influence the ranking. In addition, constant changes are made to the search engines, which are not always disclosed. Therefore, in our eyes, controlling or monitoring your domains is important, so that negative changes can be investigated at an early stage.

The following points influence your ranking:

Content factors

One of the most important factors for ranking is the content of a web page. This includes headlines (i.e. <h1>, <h2>etc.) as well as the text itself.

Technical factors

In addition to voice, technology is playing an increasingly important role due to the increase in mobile communication.

Search habits

Due to the technical changes in recent years, search habits have also changed significantly.

Topic & Industry

Not every topic or area has the same ranking factors. Here, at the latest since the your-money-your-life-update, there are big differences.


Not every topic or every Since there are many different providers of information, the search engines also try to find out something about the trustworthiness of the information.

Usage behavior

Smartphones have increasingly entered the Internet world. Today, about 2/3 of all search queries are made via mobile devices. Therefore, the requirements for search results and website design have also changed.

What is the process when we perform your search engine optimization?

Before measures can be taken to improve your website or your online marketing, an analysis of your ACTUAL situation is necessary. We offer different models for this purpose. Depending on the result of the analysis, the individual measures are then implemented step-by-step.

SEO short analysis

One-time SEO short analysis

We can provide a one-time brief analysis of your website.

Check for "gross" technical errors, structural errors, link problems, etc.

You get an overview of the most important onpage optimization suggestions

Site Experience

Detailed SEO analysis of your website

in addition to the short check alt tags, load times, problems with headings, etc. Also request also check internal link structure You will receive competent recommendations for the improvement of your internet presence.

Professional SEO analysis and monitoring keywords

Keyword monitoring

Professional SEO analysis of your website with monitoring keywords

Professional SEO analysis of the website incl. monitoring of selected keywords

We show you where you have development potential and also check external factors (e.g. Google my Business, etc.)

Our SEO clients receive regular individual reporting on desired data.

Which areas do we take care of?

Strategic SEO

A journey also begins with the first step. But it's like driving a car - your navigation system can't suggest the best way or an alternative route if the system doesn't know where you want to go. The route is like the SEO strategy. When you know where you want to go, you can define the necessary steps.

SEO Audit & Comprehensive Analyses

Only when the technical, structural and content-related prerequisites are in place, further SEO measures can take place. Therefore, we determine and check your current status in detail. In addition, we always keep an eye on this, for example - our deployed systems signal and, for example, early if there is a failure of your Internet presence, so that we can act very quickly in the event of any errors.

Local SEO

Local search has become more and more important, especially due to the changes in the context of the Corona pandemic. The regional reference of the results is becoming more and more important. Therefore, increasing your performance in local search queries is also an important part of our SEO activities.

Technical SEO

No matter how good the content on your website, you will lose traffic if your website does not have the right technical requirements (e.g. long loading times, high failure rates, security, etc.).

Content optimization

Content is King - the content of your website is of central importance for users and search engines. As users' demands change over time, it is important to keep checking whether your content should be improved. Likewise, we check your key figures (e.g. your Conversation Rate). There are often enormous growth potentials here.

Images SEO

Through image search, you can generate traffic and improve the visibility of your website.

Link Management & Link Building

Inbound links are currently a relevant ranking factor. We check and optimize your external link structure and your link building.

Regular reporting and transparency

Transparency is fundamentally important to us. Therefore, you will receive regular reporting on the corresponding activities and their effects.

Can I also receive one-time reporting only?

This is also possible. We also offer one-time or regular evaluations - if desired also with recommendations for action. The costs for this range between EUR 50,- and EUR 150,- per analysis, depending on the scope and effort.

This variant is often requested by customers who want to check their own measures.

What services do we offer?

The implementation of your SEO strategy includes different building blocks. Below you will find an overview of possible components of your search engine optimization.

Take advantage of our experience of over 20 years of activity in the field of the Internet.

What advantages do we offer you?

Individual approach

There is no "one concept" with us - rather, the solution must be based on Tailored to your needs its

years of experience in digital marketing

We have been serving many clients for over 15 years in the field of digital marketing

fast and effective

Especially in this day and age, you have to Fast and flexible can act - that's why our structure is exactly like this

short and lean communication

With us you have One contact personwho is there for you for any question.

Price worth

We are worth our price. But we also say openly when we think the cost/benefit is not there.


We are there for our customers and are guided by their requirements. Often also on Saturday or Sunday.

You have questions or want more information?

We are at your disposal.