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Social media marketing

Social media marketing - a supplement to previous or conservative web marketing strategies. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, XING, Whatsapp, Pinterest, etc. are used to communicate targeted information.

Social media marketing

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Important questions before you start

Before you decide on a social media strategy, here are some questions you should ask yourself:


What goals do you want to pursue or what message do you want to communicate?


Which target group do you want to play on? Who will take care of the profiles and content?


What are the channels or touchpoints?


What kind of information should be communicated?


What should be communicated? How should I be perceived?

How should the communication take place?

Question how you want to communicate or appear with your company. Please consider the following points:

  • Which target group do I want to address or which Requirements has my target group? Inspirational, factual, professional, etc.
  • Which Subtone do you want to use? E.g. Honest, factual, humorous, etc.
  • What purpose does my communication have? Should my information entertain, sell, increase interactions, provide market data, etc.?
  • Which Language do I want to use or is it suitable for my target group? Complex, serious, simple?


When you enter the field of social media, you should also be aware that comments and reactions may occur that are not necessarily desirable. You should also think about how to deal with this and what the escalation options are. If necessary, create a badword list and define who should react in a possible negative case.

What platforms are there?

There are a variety of social media platforms. We list only the most commonly used interfaces here:

XING and Linkedin

B2B networks

Instagram & Pinterest

Social networks, which focus on bid formats

Whatsapp & Snapchat

Messanger services


Social network for the dissemination of short messages


One of the most famous networks

Youtube / TikTok & Clubhouse

Video search engine and social network or clubhouse network based on audio

Google my Business occupies a special position.

What goal can you pursue with social media marketing?

Basically, the concept of digital social media (Social media) Methods with which User (User) medial Contents make available or distribute individually, in a defined group, or openly to the general public.

The purpose is that a Communication and networking of users takes place via the Internet and supports knowledge, opinions and the transmission of other information.

Depending on the requirements, our target group can also be divided into different customer journeys are located:

  • Attention phase
  • Customer has a problem and Searches for a solution or he wants to inform himself specifically about a topic
  • Your target group is in phase where the active purchase decision The decision is made in favor of one provider or another
  • The customer has already purchased and should bound become or a Follow-up business are generated

Looking at the principle and purpose of the interfaces, it provides an opportunity to promote companies and increase awareness. In principle, social media could be used as follows:

Switching ads

Relatively precise targeting possible

  • Edit requests
  • Arrange appointments
  • Recessions
  • Opinion poll
  • etc.

Traffic generation / information distribution & sales promotion

  • Special offers
  • Sales increase
  • Events
  • Voucher promotions
  • Support
  • etc.

Dissemination of information / image building

  • Maintain image
  • Extend familiarity

Does social media marketing work?

Social media marketing can work if you do it purposefully, deliberately and consistently. A good presence on social networks, with in conjunction with a clever strategy can make readers a Followers or a Fan make

Basically, this form of online marketing must fit your concept. However, social marketing has also become an integral part of today's marketing world and is an interesting marketing tool, especially when addressing the right target group, which is interesting for both start-ups and established companies.

What motivates your target group?

An important foundation for your success will be that you can motivate your target audience and deliver appropriate content. What can this all be?

Image Worlds

Unique pictures or recordings

Certifications / Seals

Have you received an award? Seals and certifications create trust

Personal, unique info

Provide information that can only be obtained from you - often personal information about employees, etc. is worth more than general information.


Demand action! Only those who say what they want can get it.


Help your target group with honest information!

Detailed information

Do you have special information about your product that cannot be found in catalogs or brochures, or examples of applications?


Do you have a unique offer or special promotions?

Sweepstakes / Vouchers

Motivate your target group to take an active action with coupons or sweepstakes - for example, a discount coupon for shopping in your store, etc.

and much more

There are many possibilities - let your creativity run wild. The important thing is that you take into account that you follow legal requirements accordingly.

Which social media channel is right for me?

The question often arises, which channel should I use? Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? Instragram? etc.

Here it depends very much on your personal structure in the company and on your target group. Likewise, the question is what goal should be pursued with your marketing measure.

We always advise you to secure your name or account on all channels - so that a competitor doesn't get the idea of using your name. Which channel is then used, we have to determine together.

Which social media platforms are used worldwide?


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Be Social!

The Web 2.0 / Social web offers a range of opportunities and provides many companies the opportunity, Customer loyalty, Branding and in part to directly force or support the sale. In addition, one can be active oneself or also involve an active, reasonable agency, so that a targeted communication can take place.

We will be glad to help you!

A plea to anyone in the social media space:

It's not the interface that is good or bad - it's the way users interact and behave. Our basic philosophy is that everyone communicates and shares their information openly and honestly! Only in this way will new techniques and possibilities help us further and help in the long term.

The same basic requirements should apply on the Internet as in "real life": honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness!

What are basics for a successful social media campaign?

No matter how fast the world is spinning - anyone who has a long-term success who wants to have, should pay attention to some basic factors:

Think in a team & creatively

Only those who recognize and satisfy the interests of the target group will be followed in the long term. If you communicate topics that your target group does not want to hear, it becomes problematic. If you communicate topics that are already known, get creative - often a new method of presentation is effective.

Listen to your target group - they are part of your team!

Social means with each other - not me or you! Become a team player!

Trust / Honesty & Sincerity

Especially in social media, honesty and trust is one of the foundations of long-term success. Individual surfaces are always working stronger to identify fakes and unreliable people. Therefore, honesty and sincerity are the basic virtues so that you generate followers who have confidence in your judgment.

Openness & sympathy

Be open to new ideas and ways of thinking. Have sympathy for what you do - and also for the users of the respective interface. If you are reluctant to use a certain medium yourself, then you should think about handing over the management of the channel to experienced hands.

Social media means work

Even if it doesn't always look like it - it means work. Therefore, you should be aware that you need to allocate appropriate resources. You also need to be patient. Success doesn't present itself with one or two posts - it only comes over time. It's just like real life: It takes time for you to build a good reputation.

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