System maintenance & add-on modules

Only what is well cared for lasts long.

Especially contend management systems there are always security updates and maintenance work. In addition, the requirements for the systems also change over time. This may mean that additional modules or additional functions are desired or necessary for the websites.

An example of this is the cookie banner or the integration of the basic data protection regulation DSGVO.

System maintenance

We keep your system up to date!

What are the reasons for CMS system updates?

Technical error / bugs

Every software or system can have errors in programming or design. These are corrected in the course of an update.

Problems with security / hackers

There are not only friendly fellows on the Internet. Especially older CMS systems can break into a system relatively easily through known / discovered security holes. This then manipulates your system accordingly.

Further development of the system

There is never a perfect software or a perfect system. Nothing is as constant as change. Due to changes in user behavior, expectations, technical development, etc., the individual CMS systems are also developed further. Through updates, these are then integrated into the existing systems.

Google likes secure and up-to-date systems

There are relatively easy ways to find out if your system is up to date. Security also plays a big role in today's ranking. Therefore, you should always keep your system up to date - this way you can show Google that you act responsibly. And trustworthiness is a factor that influences your authority. Do you prefer a provider who puts a lot of emphasis on secure systems or do you prefer a provider who cares relatively little about it?

What consequences can occur if I do not perform maintenance / update?

In several cases, it has happened that you then become the target of hacker attacks. This can then become very costly. If personal data is stored in the system, there are also consequences according to the GDPR - in other words, you must then report the incident accordingly.

As a rule, it is more cost-effective overall to maintain a system regularly instead of reacting accordingly in the event of an attack from the network. In many cases, other unpleasant effects occur in addition to the financial consequences (e.g., sending spam mails, loss of image, etc.), which tie up not only financial resources but also personnel capacities.

In addition, your domain may infiltrate others accordingly and they may also be penalized accordingly on Google (e.g. banned from search results, etc.).

Basically, the probability of the attack increases with every known security vulnerability. Therefore, we always advise to perform the updates.

Changing requirements for your website

Over time, the requirements for a website also change. New functions are desired. Typical wishes, which we realize:

  • Online appointment
  • Reminder service (e.g. to routine examinations, etc.)
  • Birthday greetings
  • Newsletter
  • Evaluation recording or request

We clarify in each individual case how your wish for change can be realized.

Take advantage of our years of experience

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We can maintain / service and add to your system

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