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Have you ever visited a website that was too complicated or visually unappealing for you? Did you stay on the website?

The first impression is important!

Besides the text, the visual design is also responsible for the success of a page. If a website is visually appealing, trustworthy and easy to use, the respective visitor will stay longer on the website and read more content. This increases the possibility that a lead / prospect / business deal will be generated from it.

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What are the requirements for the design of a website / store today?

Different terminals

Different terminals

Today, the Internet is used via many different end devices. In the industry, one speaks of Responsive Design.


Operation website

Depending on the end device, there is also a Different operation (e.g. touch or mouse). Likewise, the different Perception of the content on individual screen sizes are taken into account.

Likewise, you need to consider that screenless devices are becoming more and more influential (e.g., through Alexa, Google home, etc.).

Different technology


Since communication is becoming increasingly mobile, the respective transmission speed and the required data volume must also be taken into account here. Here you should be state of the art. This area also includes the topic of Security and data protection.

Web design UX design

What is UX design?

UX design means user experience design. Here, one tries to make the interface between man and machine as pleasant as possible. The goal is that the user of the respective website / app develops fun while using it. The user experience now influences the ranking in search engines. It also influences the costs of any measures in the area of search engine marketing (for example, Google Ads).

Better value for your customers = more value for you

Is web design a one-off?

Here you will 2 opinions find on the Internet:

  • yes
  • no

In our eyes must rather be separated as follows:

  • Basic design
  • Design optimizations

Rather, we ask the question:

  • How many times has Amazon changed the design?
  • How many times has Google changed the design?
  • Were they successful?

Amazon or Google has improved the design in some areas and adapted it to the current requirements and further developments. Therefore, in our eyes, it does not always have to be a new design - rather, an evaluation of current visitor behavior makes sense. Appropriate measures must then be derived from this so that the user's experience is always better.

In addition, the design and the respective system used should always be kept up to date from a technical point of view as well, so that risks from hacker attacks are minimized accordingly (especially when using CMS systems).

Is it always necessary to redesign my website?

A complete re-design is not necessary in every case - unless the optimization is too costly (often when too old CMS systems are used or no responsive pages have been used so far).

Is it also possible that I can make changes myself later?

We can offer you solutions that will allow you to create high-quality and aesthetically pleasing content yourself later (for example, via the CMS system WordPress).

We are happy to help you in the area of design and optimization

Examples of projects implemented so far

DGÄPC - German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery Berlin Dr. Kauder
Dr. Olaf Kauder - Plastic Surgery Berlin
Specialist practice Kö 12 Düsseldorf
Specialist private practice Kö 12
Green Center Crested
Green Center Crested
Compression Corset Online Shop
Compression Corset Online Shop
Plastic Surgery Karlsruhe Dr. Luttenberger
Dr. Luttenberger - Plastic Surgery Karlsruhe
Noah Clinic Kassel
Noah Clinic Kassel
Specialist center Hauzenberg
Specialist center Hauzenberg
novoLinea Private Clinic Plastic Surgery Frankfurt Dr Kania
novoLinea Private Clinic Plastic Surgery Frankfurt Dr Kania

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Individual approach

There is no "one concept" with us - rather, the solution must be based on Tailored to your needs its

years of experience in digital marketing

We have been serving many clients for over 15 years in the field of digital marketing

fast and effective

Especially in this day and age, you have to Fast and flexible can act - that's why our structure is exactly like this

short and lean communication

With us you have One contact personwho is there for you for any question.

Price worth

We are worth our price. But we also say openly when we think the cost/benefit is not there.


We are there for our customers and are guided by their requirements. Often also on Saturday or Sunday.

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